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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Surprisingly SBI

Whats up with SBI, huh? SBI was never to me the ‘cool’ brand. And now with its ads, its just way up there with Fevicol, Nokia, Bajaj. Just the right amout of spunk and a sense of humor to laugh silly at itself.

Each of the ad has such a cool feel to it. A dissection follows…

  1. Inner ring: Each and every one person tries to ‘belong’ to an inner ring. The ads make you feel, that privy to this knowledge, you belong to that ring. That ring of people who are exclusive owners of a rather-unknown fact.

  2. Outrageous Bets: That’s the one that adds the spunk to the ads. Rather outlandish and outrageous bets, in a rather corporate setting; which definitely brings the young (g)uns [read the young, fresh corporate/IT/call-center employees, who are right now associated with ICICI/HDFC/CitiBank]. Its that pie, SBI wants a cake of.

SBI has never been a brand of the corporates. It was for the behenjis and unclejis; only that of the regular 9-5 your average middle class safe-playing Indian. But with these ads, I do think it might just get a bit nearer to catch the imagination of the dudes and the dudettes.
|| KoPoS, 4:44:00 PM


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