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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Everything does it. I only happen.

Its been a long time I wrote a line. The writing moved the pen that stayed in my hand. Its been a long time since I thought a thought. They come to me.

I look at the road, black, dusty; must've been a long time since it took a bath. Its a funny road; this black one you see. It runs fast under me. It makes me believe Im running. It makes me think that Im sweating. Naaah... it cant fool me, can it? Ive been doing nothing all through the morning and yet it has taken me all over the city 200 kilometers to be precise. It just runs and runs and I go places.

Its such a wonderfully mastered evil plan, dont you see it? Road runs below you and you think you've been doing the running... He he, its tries so hard to fool you and you got fooled, didnt you? With it running below the people stealthily and at different speeds, who wouldnt believe they were doing the running!

But, its been faithful friend, this road of mine. It has worked itself so hard, I find it hard to imagine that it doesnt get tired even now! It runs and carries us all and it never gets tired. Such a faithful servant, this road.

You got fooled in this elaborate web didnt you? You thought you came yourself to this place didnt you?
|| KoPoS, 3:17:00 PM


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