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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

News with a Voice

Im not against opinions and am also not against the fact that reporters tend to go overboard and only investigate their point of view only, but why has the news got to have a voice? Why should news hold an opinion? It should only be data and opinion; but a voice and giving a point of view… its sick.

The whole point of news channels is about giving the facts without any prejudice and mainly sans emotion. With the number of news channels emerging, I find it sad that every news is given an opinion. By the time it comes to us, it already has a shape and opinion.

I find it extremely irritating that the verdict is already given or the facts being presented in a way that only shows one side of the story. I need news as news, only bare data, not emotions. I have the soaps to take care of that.

Sad but true, when dad says People have long stopped being judges and have become lawyers. Rejecting the facts and taking only what they find that is pro- them…
|| KoPoS, 4:42:00 PM


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