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Friday, January 27, 2006

Moved to

Dearest Readers,

I had to move to wordpress. The craziness hasnt died out yet and I just hope to take it to the next level with you all in it. Here's to a better UI & some good management & categories.

Ill now keep blogging at wordpress at though Im also contemplating on replicating the posts at blogger too [is that necessary?].

It has been a tough decision to take considering that i put up with spam instead of having word verification on the blog. The user experience is very important, i understand that.

I hope my transition is as smooth as i hope it will be and I will not lose any of my precious readers, my partners in crime ;)

Thanks a ton to Kunal & Rakesh for cavassing hugely for wordpress & pushing me off the edge :)) Thanks a ton for the invite and the incredible work of import and the words of help! :)
|| KoPoS, 12:56:00 PM


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