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Monday, January 16, 2006


In the envy of the souls I fear no throes,
nor in the failure of the task i see pain.
In the doom that waits I see no threat
nor in the stranger that lurks i see peril.

In the darkness of night i fear no wraiths,
Aint in the noir of the sun i fear any faiths.
Nor in the pain of the self i fear any throes,
Even in the face of death I fear no one.

Only the maze of time i fear the most,
Of being forgotten as life zooms by,
Pain that rips, the heart, that throbs
in the mind, full of fear of the null.

The waves of time that creep slowly unnnoticed,
melting away the castles of sand that were built great.
Now lost as an identity that's one in a thousand,
Amongst a million others that are ones a thousand too.

Sad is it when i come to realize,
That in oblivion now dwell the greats of the past.
|| KoPoS, 3:28:00 PM


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