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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Free Free Free


Brrrrr…… Brrrrrrr……. Brrrrrrr…… [phone rings on vibrate mode]


“I miss you…I love you..blah blah blah… did you miss me?…blah blah bbah”

“Talk dirty to me”

“No I cant. Its 12:00”


“Aji Sunte ho, babloo phone pe baat kar raha hai do ghante se”

“Babloo ki maa, usko bolo ki gandi baatein karega to telecom waalein usko pakad le le jaayenge. Naa rahegi baans, naa rahegi baansuri”

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All aside, what is the need for free calls after midnight? Is it to make entrepreneurs setup call centers?
|| KoPoS, 2:12:00 PM


LOL!! A phone goes "brr" in vibrate mode :D

I hated the scheme of free calls after midnight. It meant I received no calls thru the day :P
Blogger Tambourine Girl, at 12:23 PM  
hmmm... didnt get *that* aspect of the free calls at midnight!
Blogger KoPoS, at 12:25 PM  

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