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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Base, Face & Populace

Inspite of his hamming, there is something about Shahrukh that endears him to the family crowd, that none of the other Khans could quite not achieve : his endearment to the the Indian family and being the quintessential ‘family man’.

That’s why he is the King Khan liked alike by all in the family. Why? The most plausible reason considering everything is his marital status and unwavering commitment to his wife and kids.

Think Aamir, and you have one of the finest actors of the country and also a great looker but what about his fanbase among the family? Not very comparable to the King Khan I say. He got divorced from Reena, his wife of 15(?) years immediately after his high i.e. Lagaan.

And then of Mr.Saif too who divorced Amrita almost after his winning streak after DCH & HumTum.

Not to speak of Salman who never seems to go anywhere near the word marriage.

Maybe they will deliver a number of hits but then would they come close to the Khan wrt fan following among the family? I wont bet my money on that, at least so soon.

Does that mean the Indian movie populace loves family types or am I missing something?
|| KoPoS, 7:20:00 PM


Did you take the course "Pattern Recognition" in college? I think you would have aced the course! :)
Anonymous kunal, at 8:04 PM  
incidentally, i did get an 'A' :)
Blogger KoPoS, at 8:14 PM  
May be people do like the family angle. I always thought Aamir was a devoted husband. Did he really divorce Reena? Boy! After all these years!
But I don't agree that SRK is loved and liked by all. I for one cannot tolerate his stereotyped acting. And everytime the media (and friends) rave about a particular performance and how brilliant SRK was in so and so movie, I watch it (painfully) only to realize that once again the guy disappoints. I am yet to watch a movie where the guy is anything but Shahrukh Khan the movie star. I guess I am going to offend the King khan fans here but I don't get it. What is it about this guy???
Blogger M (tread softly upon), at 2:18 AM  
thanks for the visit :)

dont even get me started on shahrukh and his stutters. the same monotony has had me in cramps since long... so lets not even think about it.

the thing about this guy is - he has/knows the correct set of friends, sticks with them *all* thru their ups and downs, is modest, simple punjab da puttar, never has any airs about him, hardworking, sincere and knows the indian heart thru and thru :) but yes, his acting/roles suck!
Blogger KoPoS, at 4:50 PM  
SRK is the bomb!! I love him, love his acting, love his overacting, love his repetitive mannerisms that he does in every movie. LOVE him to bits. LOL I know I have just succeeded in seriously annoying a few (or a lot of) Shah Rukh haters... Do forgive.

But really, everyone (ok, not everyone, I mean most people) likes family men, not just Indians. Everyone (again, I should indicate that I mean most people) likes a man who is devoted to his wife and kids, because that's just.. cute.

And women (of which I am one), who tend to be more 'into' male stars than the opposite sex, particularly enjoy seeing a man who treats his wife and kids right. It's (to borrow a cliche) hot. Of course, singleness is very hot too (even hotter, in a way). But leaving your wife apparently because you're now successful (of course, that might have nothing to do with it, noone knows what happens behind closed doors): that is so not hot.

So... I don't think it's any big mystery that a man who has a seemingly stable family life is gonna be more loved by the public than the one who doesn't.

Having said that, I don't think a lack of a stable family life has seriously hurt Aamir, Saif or Salman. They're still mega successful...

@m: no offence taken! It's a weird thing, you just love some people and don't get others. For instance, I don't get all the adulation over George Clooney, I find him very ordinary. I can't really say why I love SRK so much, I guess there's something charismatic about him that appeals to me. And, uh, maybe it's time for you to stop listening to the glowing reviews. Next time another SRK movie comes out, don't torture yourself... just skip it. That's what I do with Salman and Jackie Shroff.

Apologies for the looong comment...
Blogger Daddy's Girl, at 12:09 AM  
Now that's something like it!
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