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Friday, January 27, 2006

Moved to

Dearest Readers,

I had to move to wordpress. The craziness hasnt died out yet and I just hope to take it to the next level with you all in it. Here's to a better UI & some good management & categories.

Ill now keep blogging at wordpress at though Im also contemplating on replicating the posts at blogger too [is that necessary?].

It has been a tough decision to take considering that i put up with spam instead of having word verification on the blog. The user experience is very important, i understand that.

I hope my transition is as smooth as i hope it will be and I will not lose any of my precious readers, my partners in crime ;)

Thanks a ton to Kunal & Rakesh for cavassing hugely for wordpress & pushing me off the edge :)) Thanks a ton for the invite and the incredible work of import and the words of help! :)
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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Still RDB throbs

How can 20 year olds decide to sacrifice their life for a vision? A vision , they are not a part of?

How can one laugh in the face of death? A laugh not of resignation but of taunt and that of recklessness? How can one not scream and holler at the injustice of dying so young? How can one not be silent and accept the death as is, silent & die as if you never lived?

How can tears not stream down when one realises that such people were for real? They actually lived, for crying out loud!

The review is here
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India & Patriotism : A Response...

This post is partly in reply to cb's post but the rest is my own view of patriotism and country & other ramblings.

The reply may appear too long so I thought its better I deal it in a post.

Frankly to your post there is no way i can give a single straight answer because the post is too broad and tackles too many strawmen at the same time. Some are non-sequitirs and in that case, even trying to pinpoint and shoot any one of them is impossible.

Is there something called patriotism? Is that as simple a question as it appears Or is it another of those never-ending debates[flame-wara] because each party has chosen to fight in its own territories without a common single battle-ground?

My response however continues...

Is the question about patriotism? I think not.
Is it about India? Yes, so Im led to believe. India, a nation that actually is just a potpourri of different states each bounded by an invisible link{questionable}

For me India is a nation of people bounded by a common of struggle of independence binding all the folk into a nation. Its a nation that boasts of a peninsular state bounded by its abundant resources and a common ancestry of indus valley & harappa. Its a nation that was invaded by foreign invaders & despots. Its the richness in diversity and the amount of diversity it embodies that defines India.

Is it possible to define my country in a single word, I think not. The closest that I can come to is maybe geography, hospitality, tolerance & diversity. India is a union of states, each state a nation in itself. How far I would want to stretch my India is anyones guess but sticking to the geographical limits is a better way to say it so.

How perfectly can you define a common binding link between people? Its finally about the people isnt it, even though we are using the nation as an idiom? How come you call only some people your best friends and not all? How come you can relate only to some people and not all? Is not the common experiences that youve sharead and the common emotions that you've gone through form a common binding ground? Is not our country too, bound by that single common experience of a freedom struggle?

How perfectly can you define a state as a single entity? Isnt the southern tip of the states different from the norther tip. Maybe the language is same, but even then the dialects change dont they? How can you call a city a city? Only by geography dont you?

Patriotism is an emotion, an attitude. Either you have it or you dont. And of course, as per me patriotism is just a sense of belonging to the state and more importantly that of that state belonging to you. Its about the rights but mainly in the responsibilities.

Given a choice I would love to have a global village a Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. But for all the purposes of reality : of economy, of togetherness, Ill settle for that of geography, a common struggle and experience, memory as the basis for the definition of a country.

Belong to a nation and then to your state; be patriotic but that does not mean you have to live with its faults, to root for the loss of the enemies{debatable}. Patriotism is only a positive emotion to better the present conditions in your home. Above all it is humanity that binds us all, but tell me how does patriotism stop you from being so?

When you speak about England vs Pakistan winning the match... arent the wounds caused by Pakistan more recent/fresh in memory than that caused by that of England? And so is it wrong when people do root for England and not Pakistan? I dont condone either behaviors but my only point was to point to a flaw in that part of argument.

A nation is as much an entity, a work in progress as any organic entity can be; but the closest that you will come to define it is with its present condition. Even when I define myself, I define as someone I am, not as a definition of future or past but only that of the present, isnt it; even the person of past I was is not what I am; and the one in future is never the one Im now; but does that stop you from defining youself? No, isnt it?

In that case, arent the fruits enjoyed by us a result of the struggle of our ancestors. What did bind them all to work tirelessly on the struggle for freedom? Isnt the India we have now a figment of their vision? In that case, patriotism is just an emotion and motivation to be a part of that vision. Maybe patriotism is a tool, an intangible resource like love to make possible that vision?
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Rang De Basanti : Par Excellence

sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai
dekh naa hai jor kitna baazuaen kaatil mein hain

Ram Prasad Bismil's immortal words, how for the first time hearing it being spoken by Lakshman[Atul Kulkarni] brought tears to my eyes. Speaks volumes about the couplet itself, not to speak less of the passion it embodies and the sincerity that Atul brings to his character.

Brooding, silent, intense character of Siddharth on an equal footing with Aamir living in denial of their true selves, leading lives leaving out the tough questions for later. Sukhi[Sharman Joshi], Aslam[Kunal Kapoor] happy go lucky with their own demons. Four lives without a single passion that binds them all; a single passion that makes them friends that they are. A passionate pair played by Madhavan & Soha.

All changes when Alice Patten comes to place. Go watch it. And if this small story isnt enough go on read...

What is the movie about
Why should you watch it
My rating : 9.25/10
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Base, Face & Populace

Inspite of his hamming, there is something about Shahrukh that endears him to the family crowd, that none of the other Khans could quite not achieve : his endearment to the the Indian family and being the quintessential ‘family man’.

That’s why he is the King Khan liked alike by all in the family. Why? The most plausible reason considering everything is his marital status and unwavering commitment to his wife and kids.

Think Aamir, and you have one of the finest actors of the country and also a great looker but what about his fanbase among the family? Not very comparable to the King Khan I say. He got divorced from Reena, his wife of 15(?) years immediately after his high i.e. Lagaan.

And then of Mr.Saif too who divorced Amrita almost after his winning streak after DCH & HumTum.

Not to speak of Salman who never seems to go anywhere near the word marriage.

Maybe they will deliver a number of hits but then would they come close to the Khan wrt fan following among the family? I wont bet my money on that, at least so soon.

Does that mean the Indian movie populace loves family types or am I missing something?
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Monday, January 23, 2006

Cost of a Life.

"Rendellu moodu lakshalu kharchainanduku aathma hatya chesukunte, ippudu okka vaaram lo yaabhai velu kharchu pettinanduku... ippudu chesukovaali aatmahatya baabu, ippudu chesukovaali aatmahatya" [sic] In Telugu

The translation follows:

I think now is the time for me to commit suicide.” The farmer on his bed recuperating from his failed-suicide attempt continued “When I tried to commit suicide just for spending 2 lakhs in 3 years, isnt now the time for the suicide for spending 50,000 in just a week towards hospital costs?

-- Excerpt from a real anecdote.

Go Read the posts on farmer suicides on dilips, vikrams blogs.

Of Nero and breached Dams
P Sainath on the crisis in rural India
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Friday, January 20, 2006

of jobs and marriages

Working in a job you are not in love with is a lot like being trapped in an unhappy marriage, isn't it?

You go through the motions mechanically,
get paid in kind or cash,
are given special privileges,
the passion is missing and you are unhappy
and yet you get fucked no matter what.
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Men-to-be and Reservations

A young man-to-be resentfully asked his father “Why should I? Why should I put up with the reservations at all? Why should students from SC & STs get better colleges than us even though they are less-talented than me?

His mother chipped in too “Yes.... I have to put up with less merited and totally dumb nuts on a day-to-day basis. Why should this happen at all?

The man of the house, his father, looked at them coolly in the eye “Do you know how dangerous the power of ridicule is? You dont even clean your table after you have eaten your food; And have you ever wondered how humiliating it is for a person to go to every house to collect the excreta of others in a bucket, carry it on his head walking all the way to the end of the village and throw it there? And do you understand the stigma that they go through for it...?

Ever wondered how hurt will a kid be when his classmates wont sit with him, wont touch him, wont talk to him and humiliate him for being the son of a faeces cleaner every day? Do you think he would ever go back to school after facing this on the first day of his school?

Do you think that kid will ever be able to lead a normal life? Do you understand the stigma that humiliation has left on that kid or the the havoc it can play on a small kids life…?

Only silence & tears met him.
That young man-to-be was me.
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'Delete' transition

The way ‘Delete’ on gmail has moved:

‘Move To Trash’ -> ‘Delete’ -> a separate ‘Delete’ Button.

That’s one good step towards a good UI in gmail.
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Best Blonde Joke Ever

This must be

The Best Blonde Joke Ever.

I just love it.

Im not a blonde… far from it (. .. and im still laughing.
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Infant Dreams

Ever put an infant to sleep?

Not in the manner when they “screech, scream, and blow up what little is left of your brain and you in turn holler scream and frighten them back to sleep” but in the manner when you take up a yawning cutie into your arms and move around slowly lolling them into their dreams… Try living that moment?

The kind of peace that transcends you is beyond description. Ever felt that kind of peace surrounding you in any other part of your life? Isnt it wonderful that all other things take second priority over seeing and enjoying a toddler in deep sleep? I mean even thinking of that moment, takes my breath away everytime.

The small hands and the digits, the small feet and those pouting lips… I could stare on for ever just looking at that wonder. Man! I do really miss playing around with kids. From being an official caretaker/babysitter/grown-up peer of kids to a boring, bike-flaunting, nerdy geek, I just miss the days of being kidlike among kids and those yawps!

Or is it just the gene speaking?

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I feel like a stranger in a familiar new world,
Eyes and faces i search of people to whom i curled.
There! There I see, the faces once i know,
at the feet of serendipidity i now bow.

In the sea of strangers i see my motley crew,
But the people arent the same, that, i once new,
now they are the ones into the choices they grew,
for the lives of their dreams they now pursue.

We laugh all once of the lives we lived,
of moments of joys and pains we shared.
Into the journey of life I move unscared,
even in the dark i see no light unglared.

Education is not what this is about,
Nor money is the one i care a clout,
All i learnt in this land of tech,
Is the ones that matter is not the big fat cheque.

People and friends are treasures of life,
money and wealth are nothing but a measure of strife.
Success is measured not, by the things i get
But the things I lost i can now never get.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cycles, Mascots & Geniuses

Im convinced more and more than more our world is cyclical. That’s not a typo not in the “world is a oblate spheroid” cyclical sense, but as in “world is cyclical” where everything in this world moves around in cycles.

Its just that at its logical extreme, every theory/philosophy/system/ideology morphs into totally counterproductive to its own definition.

We are now having to deal with a civlization of information overload. Computers and communication which were intended to combat against: efficient information management.

Liberalists after a level are not better than the conservatives, they do want everyone to be liberal, i.e. conformance with other liberals as the only choice; non-conformance to liberalism is a sure way of disbelonging to the inner-ring.

The same holds for many other ideologies: the idelogies of feminism vs patriarchy, objectivity vs altruisms to just name a few. Im a believer of moderation and middle path, and such obvious glaring differences is just fills a thought of fear in my mind.

I just hope we wont wake up some day and ask "What were we thinking?"

Then on the other day while I was buying groceries from the stores, the aunty [just a generic phrase for any woman quite elder to you] who was at the desk whips out the calculator and starts keying in the costs to calculate the total.

“Ok now. 17 plus 15 makes …”
ric…tic..tat…tic..tac [tapping on the calculator]
I help her out of her misery saying “32”. She gives me a surprised glance and then resumes keying in again…
“Okkk… 32 plus 51”
8483” another glance of awe from her..

Now this was getting very irritating mind you. It was not as if I was calculating the 4th hyperbolic 13th root of a 175th prime number in under super-computer time. It was just plain addition and her awed looks from her werent helping my irritation any further. C’mon folks, this is just math… addition…! You don’t need a calc for that!

And then finally she says “Ok the total is 493.50. You gave me 500. So the change is …”
“I knew you are a genius!”

Tell me my dear reader, shud I feel sad for the mega dependance on external objects for doing the simple mind work or the mathematical community start feeling sad for me being chosen the mascot of mathematical geniuses
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sans categories, bloggspots a pain

Due to obvious restrictions placed by blogger on categorization due to the absence of categories, I need
  1. an alternative to (which means I need to migrate all my posts since may 2004 and also lose my blogger identity)
  1. a good method to overcome this obvious limitation. (???)

Any ideas?
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


there are times when you want to know that you are cusp... at the cusp of something big, huge, unparalelled in size, thought and the result...

how does it feel to feel that you know that you are on the edge of altering your life irreversibly forever, that from now on, you shall never ever be the same ever again, never again is life going to mean the same to you.

never again would you ever look at the world in the same way as you are doing now. and that you have altered the world irreversibly and it shall never ever talk to you in the same way it is now.

you know, that you are just not you. you have jumped onto a discontinuum in time, space and thought and you cannot know how were ever earlier or that if you had really existed the way you were earlier...

and now, how would it be, if you were living like this everyday of your life, starting out as a new person daily?
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Seeking me...

Shed your tear not you arent with me,
Im in the wind that caresses your hair,
In the soft breeze that brushes the tears off you,
And In the cold winter chill that kisses you pink.

In the woods’ huge trees you shall find my hug,
Warm, strong and a patient ear for you.
In the clean blue water that you drink,
And in the thoughts of strength you shall find me dearest.

In your friends that are when you need,
And in the stranger on the path that makes you smile.
In the flowers of spring that cheer your spirits,
The curves & the dimples you shall find me all.

You shall find me in books you love
In every word black n white and
in the songs you croon silent when ‘lone,
And in music of joy ephemeral.

In your eyes you shall see me smiling,
In your breath you shall find me warm,
In the words of love you'll find me calm,
In every drop of blood you shall find me red.

If you cant find me in all that you see,
Just open your eyes and you'll find me.
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Surprisingly SBI

Whats up with SBI, huh? SBI was never to me the ‘cool’ brand. And now with its ads, its just way up there with Fevicol, Nokia, Bajaj. Just the right amout of spunk and a sense of humor to laugh silly at itself.

Each of the ad has such a cool feel to it. A dissection follows…

  1. Inner ring: Each and every one person tries to ‘belong’ to an inner ring. The ads make you feel, that privy to this knowledge, you belong to that ring. That ring of people who are exclusive owners of a rather-unknown fact.

  2. Outrageous Bets: That’s the one that adds the spunk to the ads. Rather outlandish and outrageous bets, in a rather corporate setting; which definitely brings the young (g)uns [read the young, fresh corporate/IT/call-center employees, who are right now associated with ICICI/HDFC/CitiBank]. Its that pie, SBI wants a cake of.

SBI has never been a brand of the corporates. It was for the behenjis and unclejis; only that of the regular 9-5 your average middle class safe-playing Indian. But with these ads, I do think it might just get a bit nearer to catch the imagination of the dudes and the dudettes.
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Free Free Free


Brrrrr…… Brrrrrrr……. Brrrrrrr…… [phone rings on vibrate mode]


“I miss you…I love you..blah blah blah… did you miss me?…blah blah bbah”

“Talk dirty to me”

“No I cant. Its 12:00”


“Aji Sunte ho, babloo phone pe baat kar raha hai do ghante se”

“Babloo ki maa, usko bolo ki gandi baatein karega to telecom waalein usko pakad le le jaayenge. Naa rahegi baans, naa rahegi baansuri”

Related Link

All aside, what is the need for free calls after midnight? Is it to make entrepreneurs setup call centers?
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Monday, January 16, 2006


All the people who got introduced to the wonderful world of ambigramming through the ‘Angels and Demons’ you might want to check these links.

John Langdon
Scott Kim
Punya Mishra
Robert Maitland

As Paxy says, a good ambigram must follow the criteria of : Symmetry, Legibility, Aesthetics.

That’s what makes it a piece of art, isnt it? Why wait then? Go ahed and do some ambigramming. Someday I shall do one good ambigram. What about you?
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In the envy of the souls I fear no throes,
nor in the failure of the task i see pain.
In the doom that waits I see no threat
nor in the stranger that lurks i see peril.

In the darkness of night i fear no wraiths,
Aint in the noir of the sun i fear any faiths.
Nor in the pain of the self i fear any throes,
Even in the face of death I fear no one.

Only the maze of time i fear the most,
Of being forgotten as life zooms by,
Pain that rips, the heart, that throbs
in the mind, full of fear of the null.

The waves of time that creep slowly unnnoticed,
melting away the castles of sand that were built great.
Now lost as an identity that's one in a thousand,
Amongst a million others that are ones a thousand too.

Sad is it when i come to realize,
That in oblivion now dwell the greats of the past.
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What is a temple without a deity,
But a building of stone and bricks.
What is a garden without the flowers,
But mud and soil, barren and cold.
What is a kindgom without its queen,
but orphaned, alone and agitated?
What is a guitar without the strings,
Mute, with aint the chords that strum the heart.
What are the woods without the birds,
Eerie and silent without the music that fills all.
What is the world without the air,
but restless and choking till the end.
What is the earth withou the sun,
Dark and blind from the darkness that pervades all.
What is the Warrior without his armor,
Naked, Alone and waiting his death.
What is a human without a heart,
But a stone-cold, useless critter.
What am I without you?
but a been than an am.
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Friday, January 13, 2006


Im the Ganesha and you are my Veda Vyasa.
I was listening to a voice I couldn’t talk to and He was reading from a mind he couldn’t hear.

Sounds profound doesnt it? :)

(It happens when you chat only by typing and him only by talking[i recommend google talk]. Its insanely fun. Try it!)
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Thursday, January 12, 2006

O' Traveller - The Nosferatu Story

Slow down, o’ traveller, slow down. Don’t you have no fear, o’ traveller?

Its a black highway and still you stop for damsels in distress, my traveller? Have you no fear, traveller? Heard havent you, of the dark tales of eidolons and revenants, dear traveller?

The last bus wont let me in traveller. They felt nothing right about me o’ traveller. You’ve been so kind, o’ traveller. You offer me food, o’ traveller? I thank you for the kindness o’ traveller. Kind people like you don’t come that often at so dark on this road, o’ traveller. But don’t you worry o’ traveller, I can manage my food.

The lights hurt my eyes, o’ traveller. Be so kind and turn them off would you please o’ traveller?

You say Im beautiful, traveller?Yes, I know it traveller. You say Im different traveller? I was you once, o’ traveller, I was you once. I was of life and blood and smile and tears, my traveller. I was loved and liked, o’ traveller. I had a love o’ traveller, I had a love. Oh, don’t be sorry for me o’ traveller, it was long once ago, o’ traveller. I chose my path, o’ traveller, I live that path.

Why are you so silent, o’ traveller? I can feel your heart traveller, it thumps and throbs of blood o’ traveller. I can feel the rush in your veins traveller, why are you tiring it so early my traveller? Why dont you stay still, traveller?

The night has come alive, isnt it traveller? Birds of big eyes and ageless wisdom, look at you in resignation, I wonder why, o’ traveller, I wonder why? Timid rabbits are scared and scurry back to their darkened, foodless burows traveller. The engine scares them, traveller and so do you… Would you show some mercy and stay still, would you o’ traveller?

Why are you agitated o’ traveller? Have peace and stay calm traveller. Im yet to finish my dinner o’ traveller. Wont you be kind to the needs of my body o’ traveller? Wont you let me relish my food, o’ traveller?

The coyotes will come looking, traveller. They shall come looking for you soon, traveller. And don’t you fear my traveller… I, the nosferatu, shall guide them well. I bade you well, my traveller… I bade you well.

You tasted great traveller, sad I got you…I bade you long…

2 days later

Slow down, o’ traveller, slow down. Don’t you have no fear, o’ traveller?

* O Traveller - A Vampire Story *
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Everything does it. I only happen.

Its been a long time I wrote a line. The writing moved the pen that stayed in my hand. Its been a long time since I thought a thought. They come to me.

I look at the road, black, dusty; must've been a long time since it took a bath. Its a funny road; this black one you see. It runs fast under me. It makes me believe Im running. It makes me think that Im sweating. Naaah... it cant fool me, can it? Ive been doing nothing all through the morning and yet it has taken me all over the city 200 kilometers to be precise. It just runs and runs and I go places.

Its such a wonderfully mastered evil plan, dont you see it? Road runs below you and you think you've been doing the running... He he, its tries so hard to fool you and you got fooled, didnt you? With it running below the people stealthily and at different speeds, who wouldnt believe they were doing the running!

But, its been faithful friend, this road of mine. It has worked itself so hard, I find it hard to imagine that it doesnt get tired even now! It runs and carries us all and it never gets tired. Such a faithful servant, this road.

You got fooled in this elaborate web didnt you? You thought you came yourself to this place didnt you?
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Monday, January 09, 2006


How would you react if you come to know that an acquaintance(not atleast that you can consider a close friend, mind you) hates you?

Would you, feel fortunate[edit-source:sabita] flattered that the person even considers you important enough, devoting time, energy and space for you in their thoughts, even if it means they hate you?

Or what would you think of a person that thinks so?
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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Would you still?

Will you still come and greet me with that smile when I park my bike?
Will you still let me in?
Will you still let me sit in that chair and read through the newspapers?
Will you still smile when I make a flattering remark at your new look?
Will you still let me watch TV and make me a cup of hot steaming tea?
Will you still hug me?
Will you still let me slip into my dreams sleeping in your lap?
Will you still run your fingers through my hair while I sleep like a baby?
Will you still jump and whoop in joy when I dunk that ball?
Will you still be able feel my love for you when I take your hands in mine?
Will you still want to rest your head on my shoulders?
Will you still want to put your arms around my neck?
Will you still let me snuggle you and rub your temples?
Will you still cry and wont talk to me when I forget to give you a call?
Will you still be angry with me when I say something stupid?
Will you still share your deepest secrets with me?
Will you still miss me?
Will you still recognise me now that you are a stranger to me?

"When friends leave for distant places, the fear is not that they wont ever come back. Its not even that Ill be out of touch with them. Its the fear that, they change. And when they do change, the memory of the person to the one I see is unrelated. The person that I knew has effectively died. Its the death rather than the departure that pains." - spake the man.

And Im yet to fathom the immense pain that the parents undergo all through this ordeal.
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006



Goes a long way in telling the government that half-thought idiotic measures are not going to do any good to any one. The electroate might as well stand up and take notice that resevations are a stab in the heart of meritocracy & are only the ruling party’s half-assed thinly vieled attempt at capturing the specific religion electorate’s votes.
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Gutenberg Defied : A Future Story

Global Summit on Illiteracy, 2235

“Preposterous” – the Frenchman put on his French accent.

“Garbage” – the British snottily commented on the proposal, the unease already evident.

“Dios! Vas a callarte?” – the Spanish president spoke aloud his fears.

“Me ne infischio” – the Italian consigliori roared at the idea.

“The moment raised by Indian premier is hereby adjourned” spoke Koff Koff Galian, the UN Secretary.

The response from the academics and the Nobel laureates listening intently to the speech however had been phenomenal; they wanted more of it. The Indian premier was mobbed outside the conference hall.

Creased foreheads, curved eyebrows, deep sharp eye stares, the premiers of the biggest nations of the world were already deep in thought on the methods to tackle the biggest threat ever faced by the biggest knowledge-based civilization of the world. Tomes of literature were lying unconsumed by the population. Writers as a class were already an extinct breed. Calligraphy had taken a leap thousands of years into the shadows and so had the paper companies.

Illiteracy had grown to an all-time record high. Current estimates pegged the decline of literacy to virtually unheard-of levels with most of the population knowing nothing about reading or writing. The last surviving writer had died in his sleep, after striving with his last remaining breath to finish his magnum opus; but sadly that was not to be to.

Outside the conference hall, the Indian premier addressed the world populace, “India, the land of Vedas is here with her modest proposal to the global consulate on a mission of global brotherhood and understanding. We are here to revive and help mankind in its endeavor to make itself immortal, by passing on the knowledge it had accrued and acquiring to its future generations.

Writing existed as a way of passing down information. Gutenberg was the visionary who kept our ancestors alive in the memories of the reader folk. His contribution to the world is indispensable but we are here on a mission of succeeding his thoughts and taking a great step forward in the journey towards light by defying that icon.

We propose that the ancient methodologies of Shruthi and Smriti be adopted as the global standard of passing information. Shruthi, passing information by hearing and Smriti passing information through memory have long been discarded as the trusted means of knowledge. Sruthi is eternal, unaffected by the vagaries of time and place. With the advancements in science and storage, Smriti has also attained immortality.”

“We appeal to the world leaders to understand the situation. Spending billions of rupees in efforts to resurrect writing is a lost effort. Writing has only been the medium, the tool. And now we believe time is ripe for understanding that the technology has replaced the medium. It is more efficient, reliable source of transfer, storage and retrieval of data.

The archaic methods for verifying the identity of person have been replaced by biometric systems and which have proved to be highly accurate. Knowledge transfer is fast, efficient, subjective and is evidently more trustworthy.”

“Writing though has been the favored medium of thought transfer had in its final decades of flight, rotten into a deranged mess of bipartisan system with the illiterate having no access into the share of knowledge only accessible to the people in-touch with the medium and not with the source. And we hope fervently that the technology will make up for what reading and writing could not make up for: provide a equal base for everyone to be heard, counted and understood.”

“We hope that as Gutenberg’s press brought in the thoughts of ideas to be read and understood; our proposal of returning back by defying that icon and adopting Shruthi and Smriti can we bring peace and greater understanding of one and all to us. We appeal for the people to review the direction they are taking”

[Poorna Shashank K circa 2006 AD 4th December, 2005]
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Dowry & Consulate Advice

”Growing numbers of Canadian citizens have been caught up in marital fraud and dowry abuse in India. Most cases involve Indo-Canadian males who abandon their wives in India after cheating them out of large sums of money. Other cases involve misuse of India’s Dowry Prohibition Act. This law, which was enacted to protect women and makes demanding a dowry a crime, is sometimes used to blackmail men through false allegations of dowry extortion. Individuals facing charges may be forced to remain in India until their cases have been settled or pay off their spouses in exchange for the dismissal of charges. To avoid such problems, you are advised to register your marriage in India along with a joint declaration of gifts exchanged, as well as consider a prenuptial agreement.”

Source Here
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Men at work

Saw this sign here


Women work all the time-
Men have to put signs when they work.

Love it (
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News with a Voice

Im not against opinions and am also not against the fact that reporters tend to go overboard and only investigate their point of view only, but why has the news got to have a voice? Why should news hold an opinion? It should only be data and opinion; but a voice and giving a point of view… its sick.

The whole point of news channels is about giving the facts without any prejudice and mainly sans emotion. With the number of news channels emerging, I find it sad that every news is given an opinion. By the time it comes to us, it already has a shape and opinion.

I find it extremely irritating that the verdict is already given or the facts being presented in a way that only shows one side of the story. I need news as news, only bare data, not emotions. I have the soaps to take care of that.

Sad but true, when dad says People have long stopped being judges and have become lawyers. Rejecting the facts and taking only what they find that is pro- them…
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Monday, January 02, 2006

A blind man, sleeper and a threesome

A blind man, sleeper and three men
-The story of our New Year Celebrations

As usual, the modus operandi for inviting our new year has been almost the same since a decade. The plans first get pitched a week earlier and then get comfortably are forgotten. Then on the day before the new year, the phones start ringing ominously; with calls being made frantically to all and sundry to chalk a plan for the new year bash! And the finally at the nick('nick' of salaam namaste fame) of the time; someone turns in and the part gets underway.

This time it was not, in anyway different. 5 men[or boys] decided that we will be having to usher in the new year with renewed vigor. Tarun Gandhi(not in anyways related to the famed M.K.Gandhi), Shashank Choudary[phoren returned, dollars jingling], Suman Karthik[the hair grower and our friendly neighbourhood monster], Rajashekhar[the feminist movement supporter and worrier of rangolis] and Poorna[quintessential nice guy] got together for the bash. First it started off with playing gully cricket in that famous pitch of ours -- the road before Suman's place. Time : 9.45pm

Cork ball was to make its debut here, but due to its color and the lack of any bright lights all around, and the astute observation made by Mr.Gandhi regarding the ball not being kookaburra(the albino cousin of the cork), the ball was ditched. Luck favored the yellow tennis ball and got the chance to be whipped by us all. Sadly it didnt stay yellow for long and got lost in the darkness owing to a powerful, aggressive shot by Mr.Suman. Time:10:30pm

Idle time was spent by Sum, Raj and Poor discussing about the quasi-physical properties of the photonic allegories between quantum curves and singular blackholes [crap actually] while Mr.Gandhi and Mr.Chou were off to buy some balls. They returned victorious after a half-an-hour or so, with one yellow and one orange rubber ball; which assured they wont get wet and dirty[the operative keyword is 'rubber'. he he he].

Much cricket was played in the meantime and later; with hundreds of calls and words of caution from Raj gyaaning us about the Rangoli festival as was New Year called (with Sankranti being the other Rangoli festival). Poor has essentially turned quasi blind as was evident from the squinting and bitching done about the bad light conditions. But as they say, "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is the king" and Mr.Poor emerged the match winner in the series. [importantly, the first & the last matches].

The story gets spicy here on. With it planned that a movie shall be watched after the departure of Raj for prepping up for his impending GRE, the foursome[stop thinking dirty], started watching the Korean(sic) movie 'My Sassy Girl' again(except for Shash), with English subtitles. However, the sleeping hunk that Shash is, slept by the end of the movie. The record continues and the end is nowhere in sight. Way to go Shash!

And with the movie 'Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' being stopped midway in favor of sleep, the remaining three resigned to some peaceful sleep till 11AM of the next morning.

That my friends is the story of *our* new year bash!
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This is the pathetic story of how the dialogue from a single movie has shaped my vocabulary? How sad can one get, when an important word and the noble sensibilities gets shaped by a single movie.. .

Thanks is what we use quite often. But whenever I try say thanks, unmistakably there is that hint of sarcasm and sneer in it. Don’t ask why its there, even when there isnt!

The problem is, in the movie ‘Shatruvu’ the prime villian played by Kota Srinivas Rao, mouths ‘Thanks’ everytime with utter sneer and sarcasm to anyone that helps him, it has since then become the only way of telling a ‘no, thanks’ to anyone that helps us or tries to! Believe me, this is a classic line, and when told just as the villian would in the movie, no one ever will ever even come near one inch of helping you again.

But sadly I aint a villian, but whenever I try to say ‘Thanks’ or sign of my mail saying so, or when someone else says so, Im pretty sure I hear his words ringing… Every damn frigging time!

And sadly I don’t think im alone in this. So whenever you meet a gult, try saying a curt short ‘Thanks’ with a little of sneer and a bit of cynicism, he/she will understand you really well for the love of Telugu films!

Oh and btw, for patiently reading this, ‘Thanks’.
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Good Evening parents, teachers and dear friends

Moving from schooling to being a engineer in a MNC, one thing im pretty sure of, and that is being on the other side and listening to the speeches is the most boring thing. And so lets get on with things and I promise that Ill keep the speech small, simple and straight. There a few points which Ive learnt from my experiences and my failures and I would like to share with you all.
Thank you, take care & keep smiling.

* my first speech - 29/12/2005 *
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