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Sunday, December 25, 2005

systematic degeneration

it has happened once. and its happening again. the initial journey is a dream sequence that has come alive. lots of laughs, thrills, new ways of working, increased tanginess in your work, and a great way to using it. and then it starts...

the initial symptoms tell me all about the crippling systemic failure thats waiting to happen. and if the symptoms are anything to go by, the catastrophe will definitely cripple the entity completely...

first, it wont allow me to work on it, play around with it, move around in it. then, it wont allow me allow me to watch it. and then finally it wont even let me just touch it. and then the crippling starts. bouts of startup acitivity cutting down on my productivity. and then it ends...

yes, thats my fedora core 3 gnu/linux installation on my pc. it has happened once[twice??] already and its happening again!

first, the gnome-terminal starts crashes and then it becomes defunct. then nautilus wont even start! and then vim crashes on entry. so i pretty much have a system with three of its main tools not working! And then KDE wont even work and neither does Gnome. Can you think of windows, with its EXPLORER.exe, wordpad not working and still wanting to work???

thanks to the fact, that im using XFCE that im still using it. there must be something wrong that causes this systematic corruption of the system that corrupts the files in /bin and /usr/sbin???

linux gods, any answers?
|| KoPoS, 11:27:00 PM


Can you think of windows, with its EXPLORER.exe, wordpad not working and still wanting to work???

Pretty much.
ctl+alt+del -> File -> New Task
If you are using wordpad, your comp must already be hating you :p
Blogger vijaya chandra, at 2:06 AM  
am not talking about workarounds. im talking about the easeness in the ui. anyways, hv now moved to debian sarge. lets see how this fares..
Blogger KoPoS, at 11:19 AM  

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