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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Karma Dynamics

Naah not about the Karma engine of UT2 its just own very Indian 'Karma', that Neo eloquently rap(e)s pronouncing it as 'Kh-Ar-Mah' in Matrix Revolutions...
‘ Karma’ the word that most Indians use to denote ‘fate’ or ‘predetermination’. However sad the fact is, it actually denotes the exact opposite. Karma means the words and actions and all the resultant actions that arise of them thereof.

The word in actuality can be used to denote the power every human has on the factors affecting him; which places the results of his actions in his hand; however the ‘modern’ meaning makes him a helpless, snivelling mammal, helpless at the hands of fate.

Then what really is the cause of this metamorphosis of a logically [scientifically] backed word to that of a illogical, weak sentence. Has it got something to the point that however hard the human tries there is always that 0.1% of  external factors that he has never got control of, that obviously holds its basis in the Law of Diminishing Returns ?

By keeping the power of karma [as in fate] to be of external origin makes the pain of failures easier on the person and stops his successes from going to his head. On the other hand, karma [as in complete responsibility for actions and results] might have its downside where the failures may make him work harder [or discourage him] and take the successes to his head.

If we assume the driver of the change of this meaning has been the society in general, this reasoning does stand a good chance of it all, doesn’t it?

Your views?
|| KoPoS, 6:15:00 PM


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