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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Its ok if there is a reason? : WTF

Its old news now I guess, that of the case of MPs taking bribes to raise the questions in the Parliament. And every concerned Indian is quite angry about it. However, the esteemed Ms.Mayawati has quite different views on it as aired on NDTV [13-12-2005] one day after dismissing those three MPs

"The three legislators are quite poor. Even for contesting their elections, the money had to be paid from the party fund. I dont think its such a big issue if they take the bribes for asking the questions."

WTF? Bribes are not ok. Even being poor is not a reason for taking bribes!
|| KoPoS, 6:58:00 PM


I'd say Mayawati should be suspended for just this sentence, defending bribery is as good as admitting that you have no qualms in taking a bribe.
But then again, what is the logic behind suspension? These guys will go forward, make another party, and again contest elections.
Anonymous Kunal, at 11:28 AM  
Yeah, and sadly neither of the TV channels are pursuing that statement of hers!

But i sincerely hope the parliament is a but serious this time, with the speaker ordering a probe. and i sincerely hope, the media doesnt make a mockery of this by making fun of these mps as idiots instead of serious corruption that is at the core...
Blogger KoPoS, at 10:50 AM  

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