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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Fibbers Paradise?

Whats wrong with all the con man movies these days, huh? Why has it to be that, the end is such a complete twist? The movir takes the audience for a roll for three hours and then gives a stale ending? Ok, ok not a stale ending, but by the baap of all cons? Why has the Great Great Conman always be conned by a very well thought con by an amateur? Is there no value of experience?

We saw that happening in 'Chocolate', where the whole of the movie culminated in the final scene, where all the story is just made up. Then again saw that in 'Ek Khiladi, Ek Hasina', again the last scene and we learn that the two and a half hours spent was finally a con act. And again that same thing in 'BluffMaster'. I do appreciate the care taken for a fun ride, and of couse I love being funny, but not when Im the butt of jokes. And seriously, at the end of the move, I felt just that!

Oh and btw, do watch BluffMaster. In spite of the obvious diassapointment at the end [I could exactly understand the whole story half and hour before the climax, and that doesnt speak very good of such a con movie], the movie is really good. Performances stand out. Boman is wow! Really loved that scene on the marine drive. Nana is wow! Trying to be a dangerous don and to appear funny is no mean task and he has delivered it my friends! Ritesh is seriously coming to be the guy with a penchant for selecting good movies. Pretty underrated actor, i wish he just stays the same, going for only the best ones. Priyanka was cool. Abhishek has done a terrific job, and i dont think he will ever change his name to 'Abhisheik Bacchan', he wont need that anyways...
|| KoPoS, 3:25:00 PM


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