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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


One word. Goofy. Lurved it through and through. Goofy Hero, I mean no one would ever believe him to be a hero [kick me in the shin, I don’t even know his name, but remember him from A Beautiful Mind], but that is what makes it great, you actually start rooting for him. Simple, never seen two people liking each other so easily and the chemistry working out instantaneously. Great Music, its just a rhythmic, goofy kinda moozic, just flows through you. And of course, the camera did the trick for me. This is prolly one movie that I will love to watch once more, who knows maybe even more than once!

It all appears just idiotic and fairytale-ish, but well it was fun as long as it was going on…
A lot of heart and lot of spirit. Just a great heady mix. Watch it.
|| KoPoS, 6:24:00 PM


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