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Monday, October 03, 2005

Swades::A movie beyond compare

Sincere. Honest. Subtle.

I had an important assignment to attend to yesterday afternoon; but one glance at the movie going on and I postponed the assignment there and then.

I love Swades for so many things it tells and so many things it knows are not reason enough. Its a movie truly true to its roots; reflects the sense and sensibilities of the people involved; an NRI on a short trip who finds himself in the middle of a society that doesnt value humans nothing more than carriers of customs & typecasted social roles; of a self-employed teacher in a remote school disappointed with the apathy of the people towards education and social empowerment and also the emigrating educated indians; 'pancham' of the village helpless unable to make that shift from being the harbingers of a rigid social customs to that of harbingers of progress & also unaware of taking that first step of making a change; hapless people of low-caste oppressed, meekly accepting their social & economic condition, slowly adapting to changes.

A simple tale told with overflowing honesty; simplicity and brutal self-introspection. This is one movie that is ruthless honest to its core; never stopping to take any honest audience to their own guilt trips; each in a role suiting their own; that of a typical elder unable to accomodate the changes to social eyeview; fleeing brainpower to work for their own good; helpless good-thinking people who cannot but go with the flow...

Brilliance is all there is to the film. 25 paise a cup of water thats sold. Social outcasting of villager who wants to move to farming from that of his traditional blacksmith. The debate of progress & 'sanskriti, parampara', and that of a great nation. Cant help it; this is one wonderful movie.
So many subtle expressions through the eyes...

And its only in the following lyrics I find the true meaning to god.

Raam hi to karuna mein hai
Raam is in compassion
shanti mein Raam hai
Raam is in peace

Raam hi hai ekta main
Raam is in unity
pragati mein Raam hai
Raam is in progress

Raam bas bhakton nahi
Ram is no only in his followers consciousness/thinking
shatru ki bhi chintan main hai
but also in his enemies'

dekh tajke paap Raavan
Raavan, give up your sins
Raam tere mann main hain
and you will see Raam in your heart

Raam tere mann main hain
Raam is in your heart
Raam mere mann main hain
Raam is in my heart

Raam tere mann main hain
Raam is in your heart
Raam mere mann main hain
Raam is in my heart

Raam to ghar ghar main hain
Raam is in every home
Raam har aangan main hain
Ram is in every compound

mann se Raavan jo nikaale
Whoever has removed Raavan from his heart
Raam uske mann main hain
will find Raam in his heart
|| KoPoS, 1:02:00 PM


U saw Swades Now !!!

btw even I was thinking in the similar veins about Swades and Parampara and Sanskar
Blogger Rakesh, at 3:24 PM  

No no no! Had seen it then itself. This was a run on 'Star Gold'!
Blogger KoPoS, at 3:26 PM  
Oh, Ok !!
me too saw it on the very first day of its screening ... we just went for it because we didnt have another option [we were in Shimla]... it was later only when I realised that probably we didnt need another option :)

btw for the Black and Swades thing ..
I think Black would have been a better choice for Oscars... as Swades, I feel, was targeted to the youth of India.. especially us, while Black had more mass appeal...
but selection of Paheli is still a paheli to me ..
Blogger Rakesh, at 3:44 PM  
Dunno man, I havent seen Paheli but hv seen 'Black' and was not really that impressed with it. Accept it was a different attempt but a great landmark or any of that accolades, i still cant give that as my place for Oscars; there are numerous French films which has wonderful moments captured with much less brouhaha & to a great effect...
Blogger KoPoS, at 3:51 PM  
I completely and whole heartedly agree with your view!
Blogger Anurag Singh Rana, at 4:31 AM  
Thanks :)
Blogger KoPoS, at 10:08 AM  
I liked BLACK a lot more than Swades :)
Blogger Whoiscb, at 6:06 PM  
Pathetic would not be an appropriate word to describe movie Swadesh. And I can’t find any suitable word in my vocabulary. Let’s discuss some of the issues they talked about. The movie was less towards addressing issues and projecting more towards American life style.
1. SRK who works for NASA and visits home country is so ashamed off living in the conditions he grew up. He refuses to live Indian life and decides to live in RV.
2. He is just a project engineer at NASA, but he wants to show off his Macintosh, god knows what he does with that. Entire movie was nothing but to show how comfortable life in USA is.
3. Gauri, talks about social welfare, wears starched designer cloths. That may be because of her personal fortune, which she is not bound to use for social work, however the contradicting statement is projecting her as orphan and showing her struggling for school building rent and financial crisis.
4. The mechanism they talked to produce electricity was just a theory; with the system the talked about I don’t think it can produce enough electricity to cater entire village.
5. Leaving the technicalities aside, SRK somehow manages to gather finances without any problem; reality would have been to show it’s not easy to raise funds in India. Rather than showing poor people and their issues with rent and food.
6. SRK is a project engineer for global precipitation monitoring system NASA was about to launch. The launch base is Texas, where as conversations with his colleague was in DC showing washing monument in the back ground.
7. In the end of the movie, suddenly SRK becomes launch director for the satellite.
8. I guess Indian directors think they can show any damn thing the want to the spectators. The launch shown in the movie was not a satellite launch. It was discovery space shuttle used to carry astronauts, their food and all the required equipment to build International space station.
9. It’s been almost a year since I saw that movie; I could have pointed out many things which are just not right.

In short, that movie made me sick and I would puke for days if I see that one more time. It’s a movie made by a hypocrite for the hypocrites. One doesn’t see swadesh movie to find the true meaning of god.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:11 PM  
Dearest Anon,

You can go on puke for days together. I would love to give a detailed repartee but not without someone to whom i can address :)

However this will do for now...

For points 1 & 2 you raised, that is exactly how NRIs who come to India behave. I have had my share of it, so wont even try stree my point. And whats it about showing off the mac, dear anon? Its a necessity given his need to meet the deadlines.

3, startched designer clothes? I was thinking they were cotton. And she never said she was an orphan, mind you. Only her parents died. She even has a younger bro for chrissakes!

4, you have figures to prove that?

5, the character mohan bharagav was using his own bucks, wasnt it?

I dont even want to debate on points 8 & 9 they arent to me. Btw, if you have to puke you can as well. For hypocrites? What do you fear anon? What? To accept the truth?

Thanks for dropping by, btw.
Blogger KoPoS, at 12:57 PM  

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