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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rama Uvaacha


Forgive me Sitaey, forgive me. I know you understand that this was the only way I had; that this pain was inevitable.

I would have killed myself for even the slightest suspiscion on your character, but as the reigning king of Raghuvamsa do I really have another choice of action, Sitaey?

I know you understand me; you understand the storm that is raging in my heart, tearing away the insides asunder. But as a king that has to take care of my praja, my children, it’s my duty to listen to their grievances. I will have to listen to their wishes and rants, Sitaey; you will know how it feels when you shall have kids of our own, how demanding and lacking in conscience their cruelty can really be.

I had to fight the war to get to you Sitaey. For 14 years, I was going through all the hardships breaking my dharma sometimes... only for you, only you. It was something I had to do; I had to, for, you were my only glimmer of hope. It would not have been difficult to tell Hanuman to get you from Lanka; but I had to tell the world, to prove to the world, that you are worth all the pains that I was undergoing. I had to fight off great warriors of Lanka, Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Myraavana-Indrajit, Meghnath; it was not easy Sitaey; but I had to do it, because you were worth it. You are worth it.

But now, forgive me Sitaey; this is the only way I am left with. I wish I could be with you by giving the place to Bharata to look after the kingdom, but that would make my children, my people believe that indeed you are not chaste. It would make them believe that indeed their suspicions are true and I, blinded by love followed you to forest once again. I couldn’t bear to hear that of you from them.

Holding a court of law would be apt but even if you were acquitted, they would think it as a victory of power & money and not of your chastity Sitaey; for the seeds of mistrust have already be planted. I know Ill be damned for the centuries to come; but then it was never easy for love to survive, was it?

It is for me to prove that you were never unchaste, the pure gold pratima beside me would remind them that. It would be a reminder to them, of the mistake they did and that you are irreplacable, and a reminder to me; of how difficult it is for the life of a ruler; how easy it seems to be to not to be a king and how it is not.
|| KoPoS, 12:57:00 PM


hmmm, quite a twist eh? yet still very wishywashy.Raghuvamsa not Kuru!
Blogger blokes, at 9:04 PM  
Hmm..but still if Act 1 is done for people, then soon many will follow. All justified by "to prove to them" tag line.

For Rama's point of view, a nice write up :)
Blogger Kumari, at 9:32 AM  
thnx :)

he he . thanx :)
Blogger KoPoS, at 10:08 AM  
Super da!
Blogger Whoiscb, at 11:46 AM  
thank you :)
Blogger KoPoS, at 8:30 AM  

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