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Monday, September 05, 2005

Weekend Lesson!

Wham! Bump! Dunk! Whoopsie seems we had hit a block on the road! When we came out of the Alto & saw that the front wheel was stuck in a gaping pit hole left open by our roadworks guys. First hand, it is to be told that the MCH, roadwork and waterworks, sewerage dept are 'Agents'/'Chaos Theory' in progress. Too unsynchronized, too independent; neither of them is aware of what the other does and nor do they care.

Our colony right now is a masterpeice of evolution in progress. Wonderful roads dug up to scale up to the needs of population explosion. Frankly, to give credit to the mch authorities, things DO get done. But what doesnt happen is the followup. And thus roads are not flattened out completely, holes not completely filled up and mud and mush still stays on the road...

This hole was/is one such example. Both of us got out and yanked the car out of the pit. Just a matter of 3 mins. Analyze & Act. We were back at the wheel not before deciding that we would come in the next day and fill that hole up before someone does that same trick we performed. And conveniently we forgot about that because people were already getting careful to avoid that pit and the road.

But sadly on our way to the movie the next we saw an Indica stuck up at the same place. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Sweating, feet in mud and slush, soiled clothes and cancelled movie plan and after an hour of toiling with the strangers who were owners of the car helping out in addition to 3 other men coming to help up, the car got pulled out.

And before we knew all others skittled out in the rescued car, and we two were alone looking at the gaping hole. So what do we do? Do the things we didnt do the previous night. Fill up the hole with stones, rocks and all sundry. Hopefully its ok now.

Lessons learnt:

And thanks to this incident, exciting new plans have come up for me!!!
|| KoPoS, 2:02:00 PM


hmm do u miss the well builtguy from ur grp .
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:43 PM  
as a matter of fact, yes. we are having thousands of chickes going unharmed and the duo is facing a tough time keeping their population in control. the big guy always wud be a pleasure... might as well come and move the trucks for us... :)
Blogger KoPoS, at 2:46 PM  

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