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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Moderation n Middle-Path

What has brought us to this position, i cannot fathom; however the position we are in i can barely understand. What has happened to virtue of all qualities? Moderation? Why isnt moderation not in vogue anymore?

Extremism has arrived its _da_ buzzword; prolly the word of this decade. Everything is to be in-the-face. Laced with extremities to be considered remotely individualistic. There is no middle path. The patience has died a hasty death. Everything is extreme. This way or the complete other.

Everything comes in ultra-large or micromini. Either its this way or that. Its not the middle. Its either black or white. Its not grey.

Either its too complicated or overtly simplified. Either too optimistic or downright pessimistic. The time for a buddha is ripe i guess!

India wins a match; its news. Sania makes it; its news. Feminism as the weapon of partiarchy; its news. Everyone takes to blogging. Why? No idea. Not for everyone its serves any purpose. Everything.

Understanding issue in its small-existing current format devoid of its beginnings or its aimed endings is of no consequence. The thought if the slaying the problem at hand only might create a bigger demon never crosses the minds.

Athina Sarvathra Varjayet
Excess of anything is harmful.

No one seems to hear anymore, anymore of others points, its just me me me me me. Just like Smith. Me Me Me Me Me.

Feminist vocalists who wont even see what, why, how; stop, think or move. Its feminism that’s the answer to all ills.

Indophiles who believe that love for themselves is by their loathe to US.

Athiesm is the in thing.

Critics of Indian diaspora who make all the ills of arranged marriage but sadly cant find a good alternative to it either. Anything remotely old/back-in-time is retrograde. Its either too far out or just plain insanity.

Everything goes in cycles. So shall this. Till then the lovers of rationality shall wait. Till the dawn of rationality dawns. Till the mysticism is in vogue. We shall wait; for the thinkers shall return. And before that we wait for the actors to return.
|| KoPoS, 5:14:00 PM


Feminism is mistress of Patriarchy.
Blogger Sumanth, at 12:18 PM  
I wouldnt say something as simple as that, but yes definitely agree to that point that its following to simple a reductionist theory!
Blogger KoPoS, at 10:47 AM  

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