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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Im not a feminist

Im not a feminist, I never believed resorting to branding ever helped anyone's cause and here it is: Im not a feminist, and Im not ashamed of saying that. Why? I cant say. Mainly because, I have seen the male and female balancing, complementing each other and have also seen when this balance disturbed because of errors from both sides. And believe me they arent wonderful to me.

Im not a feminist, because my mom still has her maiden name. If I ever get married, I guess that will go for my wifey too! That is an extremely natural thing to happen. But its a scoring point for feminists and that is sad.

Im not a feminist, coz its a horrendous thing that women bear up with idiots even intruding their personal space, harassing them and putting up with it silently. I have my dad vocally express unacceptance of this and it solved issues. But even this is a scoring point for them and that again is sad.

The only question i have is however Have we brought ourselves to such a level of incompetence where mediocre is excellent work?

Im not a feminist, because I know men and women are different at even the basic dna level. As a couple there are responsibilities each one is capable of performing best and will prefer two people pair themselves-up to take care of it. When you are pairing up its about complementing not competing.

Im not a feminist because I dont believe any problem is solved by just pinning the accused party to the ground and compelling to accept their wronging. Even a cat when pushed to a timid innocent cat will pounce, what happens when you attack the belief systems, the ones that define the identity of a person; without trying to look at it from the cats view?

Im not a feminist, because the war has been stretched too far off and they are not much different from the extremist fundamentalists, where any logical, rational, 'the-big-picture' reasoning is impossible. Every problem of humanity has a single reason. Every problem of women has a single reason. Patriarchy.

Im not a feminist, because Ill prefer to be a logical rational minded male without being apologetic about my existence.

Im not a feminist, because the term is limiting and sadly, extremely reductionist with a myopic eyeview.

Im not a feminist because Im a humanist.
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India: A Wounded Ego?

How would i look at India?

The young breed that I have interacted are always happy not to be termed what they are. They are apologetic about being Indians. Some of them are apologetic about being Hindus. And some of being men. And also some about being women.

India invokes images of a meek, powerless entity which is apologetic about its own existence. I cant explain why, but the continuous image that they have been fed in all these years just conjures up images of a land, over-bearing corruption & bureacracy, ridden with caste-problems, torn apart by religious fanatics(not much different from the taliban), a sex-craved sexually repressed male population, overbearing patriarchs making life hell for the women, a land of sati & dowry deaths, and a land of cultural, social oppression.
In simple terms, a land of losers.

Raped, maimed & continually shredded by the own people... A land that looks for all the conformation from the west about its actions. We look if strategies will work for us which we have copied from the west/europe. They wont, they just wont. Because its a different case.

I dont see what ails us. Its not a land of pain only otherwise people wouldnt still be living here. Something here is still there. Still breathes lives and even manages to grow taking the pains in its own stride.

Sadly any instance of our own religion and past and we prefer to just skip it. It was some utopian age; or some age where the might lived to crush the meek.

There is no pride in being an Indian; because of all the causes given above and that is why our interest in history is the one dictated by the brits; never that of an india; never that of a son of soil who understands the issues in all its history, in all its complexities and adversities.

Someday, I hope we will rise to occassion of being Indians, a diverse diaspora and preserve whats anything barely left of it. Someday we will look through the glasses of positivism, focussing more on actions and less on the words.

Someday, we will turn back and appreciate the rich diversity we have; and things we lost in the process of fads; the great lessons to learn but by that time sadly it will be written by someone else who wants to see it the way thats comfortable to them.

Its a wounded ego; its an ego apologetic about its own existence; an ego that has even lost the ego to even fight back simple reductionist theories and attacks. But I will cling on.

I hope the ego will rise again; stop justifying its mistakes; in strength to find its lacunae; set its errors right; set its own misgivings about itself right; to prove once that its a organic being capable of life and an identity itself. The day you begin to justify your existence/your purpose, its the end. And India is doing just that!
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Friday, September 23, 2005

The Next Wave

This might already be happening. Feel free to correct me on that.

Prediction 1
With the way the consumer technology has proliferated; the next thing to hit the net... is[will be] micro-minute movies. Yes, i think so. I believe so. Movies that arent about long stretched, elaborate settings, walking in the sun, reformed gangsta stories, but they will be the ones that are just tiny, just about moments, a single emotion or two; a blink-and-you-missed it scene.

A community driven, community edited, community produced movies, community voted series of short-videos. Catered to community of short-attention span consumers. Truly "Democratised Videos". The "66 second video".

Yes, that might be next. That might be my best prediction.

And this brings me to my next prediction. The technologies that will succeed among consumers are ones that will require shortest attention spans.

Grand Finale
That brings however to the question: are we turning/churning out a mentally chronically ill generation of retards?
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Moderation n Middle-Path

What has brought us to this position, i cannot fathom; however the position we are in i can barely understand. What has happened to virtue of all qualities? Moderation? Why isnt moderation not in vogue anymore?

Extremism has arrived its _da_ buzzword; prolly the word of this decade. Everything is to be in-the-face. Laced with extremities to be considered remotely individualistic. There is no middle path. The patience has died a hasty death. Everything is extreme. This way or the complete other.

Everything comes in ultra-large or micromini. Either its this way or that. Its not the middle. Its either black or white. Its not grey.

Either its too complicated or overtly simplified. Either too optimistic or downright pessimistic. The time for a buddha is ripe i guess!

India wins a match; its news. Sania makes it; its news. Feminism as the weapon of partiarchy; its news. Everyone takes to blogging. Why? No idea. Not for everyone its serves any purpose. Everything.

Understanding issue in its small-existing current format devoid of its beginnings or its aimed endings is of no consequence. The thought if the slaying the problem at hand only might create a bigger demon never crosses the minds.

Athina Sarvathra Varjayet
Excess of anything is harmful.

No one seems to hear anymore, anymore of others points, its just me me me me me. Just like Smith. Me Me Me Me Me.

Feminist vocalists who wont even see what, why, how; stop, think or move. Its feminism that’s the answer to all ills.

Indophiles who believe that love for themselves is by their loathe to US.

Athiesm is the in thing.

Critics of Indian diaspora who make all the ills of arranged marriage but sadly cant find a good alternative to it either. Anything remotely old/back-in-time is retrograde. Its either too far out or just plain insanity.

Everything goes in cycles. So shall this. Till then the lovers of rationality shall wait. Till the dawn of rationality dawns. Till the mysticism is in vogue. We shall wait; for the thinkers shall return. And before that we wait for the actors to return.
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

the low: mumbai vs orleans???

Forwarded mail
> Couldn't' stop making this comparison..
> inches of rain in new orleans due to hurricane katrina... 18
> inches of rain in mumbai (July 27th).... 37.1
> population of new orleans... 484,674
> population of mumbai.... 12,622,500
> deaths in new orleans within 48 hours of katrina...100
> deaths in mumbai within 48hours of rain.. 37.
> number of people to be evacuated in new orleans... entire city..wohh
> number of people evacuated in mumbai...10,000
> Cases of shooting and violence in new orleans...Countless
> Cases of shooting and violence in mumbai.. NONE
> Time taken for US army to reach new orleans... 48hours
> Time taken for Indian army and navy to reach mumbai...12hours
> status 48hours orleans is still waiting for relief, army and
> status 48hours later..mumbai is back on its feet and is business is as usual
> USA*'s most developed nation

How low can we go?
Couldnt help but respond. This is for all that try to make a comparision in the face of a human crisis/tragedy.


A very helpful mail to scale up the scale of the issue.

But Katrina was a Storm man, What happened in Mumbai was plain RAINFALL!!! Both are never the same. Add up the lashing winds and collapsing lines/houses and you have a different problem altogether.

But I wish the mail had gone on to make clear that even the fabled land of dreams is not as easy as its described. Questions that need to be asked are "Is there is a national health care; is there a real housing policy? Are there is safety nets for those who have lost their jobs and homes? Putting pink wrist bands on victims looks like a way to ID people but it also treats them like a cost factor".

Same things that are bad here in mumbai too! This is a time for collective action against mindless hype and talking figures. Prolly time to shed the jingoist tendencies of both US of A and us.

Both cases, it was the people that bounced back to help others, the govt. was def. late in reacting. Im not sure of the scale of the problem in N.O, but hell we expected better.

The comparisions maybe true, but simple misdirected jingoism doesnt feed mouths, nor does it help the homeless guys nor resurrect the people swept away in the floods.

What we have here is a monumental human tragedy folks. Its not competition for deux! We cant have competition in death & misery!!!

Lets not get embroiled in the stupid talk of the politicians. C'mon folks, there are lot more things to do than just talking the air-talk of the politicos. Leave the smell and shit to them, hopefully we can make some manure of the shit around...!

And next time on, can we stick to the good old SI system, centimetres, meters? Gets tough thinking of inches you know, i mean here the rainfall was 96 cms, 37 inches is hard to get accustomed to!
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Meaningful-Media: A Myth

Got that link from my friend Tarun and this is what i see.
"In Congo, 1,000 die per day: Why isn't it a media story?"

so much for all the jargon:
24/7 channels
increasing media coverage

Mood: Angry/Vindicated/Helpless
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Monday, September 05, 2005

essay competition

Folks, an essay comp is up here. Try it out!
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Weekend Lesson!

Wham! Bump! Dunk! Whoopsie seems we had hit a block on the road! When we came out of the Alto & saw that the front wheel was stuck in a gaping pit hole left open by our roadworks guys. First hand, it is to be told that the MCH, roadwork and waterworks, sewerage dept are 'Agents'/'Chaos Theory' in progress. Too unsynchronized, too independent; neither of them is aware of what the other does and nor do they care.

Our colony right now is a masterpeice of evolution in progress. Wonderful roads dug up to scale up to the needs of population explosion. Frankly, to give credit to the mch authorities, things DO get done. But what doesnt happen is the followup. And thus roads are not flattened out completely, holes not completely filled up and mud and mush still stays on the road...

This hole was/is one such example. Both of us got out and yanked the car out of the pit. Just a matter of 3 mins. Analyze & Act. We were back at the wheel not before deciding that we would come in the next day and fill that hole up before someone does that same trick we performed. And conveniently we forgot about that because people were already getting careful to avoid that pit and the road.

But sadly on our way to the movie the next we saw an Indica stuck up at the same place. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Sweating, feet in mud and slush, soiled clothes and cancelled movie plan and after an hour of toiling with the strangers who were owners of the car helping out in addition to 3 other men coming to help up, the car got pulled out.

And before we knew all others skittled out in the rescued car, and we two were alone looking at the gaping hole. So what do we do? Do the things we didnt do the previous night. Fill up the hole with stones, rocks and all sundry. Hopefully its ok now.

Lessons learnt:

And thanks to this incident, exciting new plans have come up for me!!!
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