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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Chautaqua - 2

Sometimes i wish i was with my friends when they were talking about me, silently observing their every emotion, every sylabelle, every drop of an eyelid, the nuances of the modulated voices, the crests and troughs of the emotions they would undergo when talking about me. I wish i was among them invisible, without their knowledge, silent as a wraith. Just observing; silently creeping among them; noiseless, as the still breeze, as still air with no tracks of my existence. But alas, that can never be.

Never can i be so silent, so invisible in stealth as to be completely non-existent. If ever they had a doubt of that i might be there, they would never ever behave the same way as they would behave the way they would if they knew confidently i wasnt there... Total absence of my existence inspite of being a witness to their knowledge is an irony.

It is this same idea that has led me to believe that the last true reality show on TV was "Bakra". All the other so-called reality shows are engineered products meant to show the audiences what they want to see, not what they are...

Reality TV presupposes the eyes of a prying audience. Reality on the other hand doesnt.
|| KoPoS, 10:39:00 AM


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