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This is my journey from the deeply mysterious to the outrageously silly and mundace happenings of my life. the lows and highs, the ups and downs. And maybe a Simple Harmonic Motion to an exponential curve. Mathematical, Scientific, Theistic, Philosophical, Logical,Social, every conceivable idea.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

ep3 strikes!

Very moody am i....hmmmmmmmmm......

"What Star Wars Character Are You?"

You are a Jedi Consular. [kiamundu - jedi consular]

You are wise, have a way with people and are more of a diplomat than a fighter. Your mind is your greatest asset. Fill it with more knowledge and your power will increase. Share your knowledge with others as an instructor or mentor to help them grow as individuals.

Your wisdom is a gift to be shared with the world.

"What Star Wars Character Are You?"

Anakin Skywalker
Watch out for your could get you into trouble the way it did Anakin. You have enormous potential to be a great Jedi, but stress has made the dark side seem that much more inviting...
|| KoPoS, 8:56:00 PM


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