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Monday, April 04, 2005

Linux on CD

Tried two Linux-on-CD versions yesterday. Knoppix and Morphix. Though ive heard a lot about Knoppix, Morphix is relatively new to me. And it definitely did blow me out!

Knoppix had this KDE3.1 gui and Morphix had the Xfce. Since Ive already been hooked on to Xfce, the minimalist design and the speed it provides, i guess i could say i got hooked onto Morphix soon and with that matrix style boot, how can a matrix-geek like me not like it?

I mean just think of the wonderful things it can do. You have a fresh pc, no parititions, nothing and you want to first test whichOS you want to have on your PC. Just push the required CD in and voila you already have a pc loaded... Or if you are outside and have never worked in anything else other than linux. So take the windows box, put in your CD and you can happily live in your own linux world. Coooool B-)

It was one hell of a fun.
|| KoPoS, 4:37:00 PM


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