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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I remember the most standard topic for debate we used to have since my pre-secondary days to my +2 days 'Technology: Boon or Bane'. And since its such a vast topic in itself, it was never a problem for us to debate for/against it.

Yesterday, though it was a good time to just relish in the boons of technology. Ravi, my cousin who's in Australia now sent a HandyCam for us. Now that was a really good gift. As everyone knows, any MS or PhD in a distant land has two sides to it, freedom and the invisibility to the loved ones.

It seems he sent a video of himself alongwith the handycam so that we could all see him.Anyways, so my mom, dad and his mom wanted to see him. And after we fidgetted a lil with the cam, we were able to see the video connected directly to the TV.

Just the visuals in them, and all the elders were highly elated. Laughing. Smiling. And relishing the moments. And there i was just relishing in the fun that meaningful technology brings with it.

There he was in the video miles away, showing off his goatie and talking and laughing with his friends. And here the elders were happily having fun seeing him. Oh! did i see a tear falling? The world is such a small place afterall!

Of course, there is nothing like the physical presence but in cases not, this seems to be the best alternative. But a techie I am, true boundaries can only be removed when its realtime.

More on the philosophical side to it soon.
|| KoPoS, 1:03:00 PM


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