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Friday, March 11, 2005

Latest reads

Life of Pi

At the end of the novel, the novel said me I would belive in god. But for me, at the end, i only believed in human perseverance. Neither could i find any religious touches to it nor any of the other godly moments. It was a survival tale, a tale of grit and determination and how far it can take you. I'll brand it disturbing.

The monk who sold his Ferrari

Sat. Lied down. Walked around. Stood up. Even a reading desk and my favorite music on my PC. Nothing helped me read the book in hand.However hard i tried, i could never read more than 50 - 60 pages of this book. Im not sure if it was only 60 pages I read.

However effort i put in to complete the book, i couldnt. And im not sure why Robin Sharma's book made it to the bestseller list...! I tried giving it a second read, but I dont have enough courage to do so. Not even Tommyknockers with its gigantic 1020 pages troubled me as much. Thats a different story ill compile later.

The Alchemist

Not sure again why this made to the best seller list. 'soul of the world', 'omens', 'follow your dreams'...neither could i connect to them nor feel it. I mean it was good read, but not something i would brand as a must read.

I found myself as much lost amidst them as im in discussions reg. abstract modern art.
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I have not yet read "life of pi" and "monk who was idiotic enough to sell his ferrari" :D...should do that sometime though...everyone seems to have read it..

The alchemist is the biggest bunch of crap written in between 2 hardbound was ok if seen from the language point of view..but the funda's given in it were....hopeless to say the least....
and as someone said in a discussion we were having about the alchemist

"It's so fundamentally untrue if you ask me, because if indeed it were true, we would all be perenially happy creatures wallowing in the fulfillment of all our dreams. Yet, reality shows that dreams are shattered everyday."
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