The ThinkTank Chronicles.

This is my journey from the deeply mysterious to the outrageously silly and mundace happenings of my life. the lows and highs, the ups and downs. And maybe a Simple Harmonic Motion to an exponential curve. Mathematical, Scientific, Theistic, Philosophical, Logical,Social, every conceivable idea.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New Poem

Poetry has again caught on with me.yet again.


Clear the thorns,
Break the word.
Break the silence and
lift the head.

Let the rage that fills in you grow,
Erupt! Flow! Let the lava glow
Filled with magma, let your eyes burn
to burn the forests that block up your path.

Let the mediocre sit and watch the show
As the lava flows, leave them to flow
Be the change that you wanted ever to show,
Think and fight and tire not till you grow.

Rage of time and ravages of crime,
Make the ethos believe in you.
Fight the rot and clear the moth,
the muscles are strong and the blood starts to flow.

Get up you asses, Stand up to know.
The rots in the system, and its you, you know.
Throw up the pen and catch up the sword.
Fight till you retire, and tire not, till you go.
|| KoPoS, 1:03:00 PM


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