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Thursday, February 24, 2005


I shouted so. Sort of the cry that we used to see when in the old hindi movies, the heroine, or the bhabhi or the ma would cry out when they hear something bad, Nahiiiiiiiii....


I was working out along with my younger bro in the evening yesterday, after having recieved quite a few comments from my near and dear on my bulging ....[nay not biceps, the tummy and the bttu]

And suddenly my friend comes in and says 'Orey, there is no use, you trying to workout'
Quizzed and confused and literally panting i ask 'Why?'
He says with a smile 'Dont you know, Hyderabad House is near our colony now, just 3 kms from our place. Just opened today. I already have had my fill'
Silence, contemplation and then 'Nahiiiiiiiiiiii...'

For people confused, Hyderabad House is the chain of restaurants in Hyderabad serving mmm..delicious chicken biryani, and me being the hardcore Hyderabadi that im, i gorge on biryani, i see all my weight loss programs going down the drain.

Again that pitiful thoughtful nods of discontent from my near and dear.
|| KoPoS, 10:50:00 AM


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