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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Ever felt a sudden calm engulfing you? The calm itself is so sudden, so intense and extremely peaceful, words fail you then. And all that is left of us, is just the feeling, the feeling of experiencing it, powerfully.It happened to me mostly when i used to do my nightouts, during the walk i used to take from the lab to my hostel room, before hitting the bed.

All around things get so clear, you can feel the soft cold wind just kissing you and moving away, but the cold that seems to stay, moving along by your side, almost in a delicate embrace. It almost has a trance-like quality, the sleeplessness has already taken its toll, the senses are most active, erratic would be the right word. Every movement, every small sound is registered. Every sight and sound gets clearer by moment, but the moment itself is pulselike, as brief as the wink of a eyelid. It is in this moments, a thousand or a hundred thousand discrete disconnected moments that make up the consciousness of that state.

I guess everyone has been there. Its that time, when we are completely tired, burnt out, sleepless...and just raring to go to sleep. Its those few moments just before we crash into our cozy beds. And then once we wake up, all that is gone...
|| KoPoS, 3:02:00 PM


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