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Friday, February 25, 2005

--- IIIT ---

What can i say here? These 4 years of my life as a students untouched by the role of professionalism. Fun. Disappointments.

At the end, it turned out like nothing i ever thought it would be. It neither turned out exactly what i thought it would be like. But at the end, all i can muster to say is 'Wow'.

I lived there. I learned to live. I learned to love myself, learn about myself. And the most important of all, the discovery of myself, strengths and weaknesses alike.

There's quiet a bit of blogging activity going on amongst the students of IIIT particular the ju's of our batch. And thats not surprising though, considering what a techie chaps they are.

Ill put in the consolidate list here soon....Do check this space.
|| KoPoS, 11:05:00 AM


Hi Shashank,

Nice to hear from you after a long time.
I totally agree with what you have written, I don't have any words to sum up what these 4 years have been to me. These four years have been kind of an adventure, meeting something new and different everytime.
You are right, only "WOW" sums it up.
Blogger Kunal, at 11:45 AM  
:) Wait guys. You will know what exactly it means once you come out. But yeah, by now you will definitely have an idea what you are upto :)
Blogger KoPoS, at 4:05 PM  

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