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Monday, February 28, 2005


Becoming a doctor is like becoming pregnant. You should always enjoy the success and never think of the number of attempts it took!
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My Sassy Girl.

sas·sy1 Audio pronunciation of "sassy" () Pronunciation Key (ss)
adj. sas··si·er, sas··si·est
  1. Rude and disrespectful; impudent.
  2. Lively and spirited; jaunty.
  3. Stylish; chic: a sassy little hat.

I dont know what category i will put this film into. Its definitely a cleverly made film with a lot of heart. Its definitely a love story. Its definitely sci-fi. Its a cleverly crafted puzzle.

Its the story of a student who falls in love with a girl whom he wants to take care, to cure her sadness. The girl, slaps him, abuses him, dominates him, and does things what a women generally not supposed to do. Like playing to win.

The movie begins as a comic one. And then slowly moves into confusing realms of funny anecdotes of a sassy girl and an obliging boyfriend. And then it changes all suddenly to a intense love story, their separation and the climax.

What stands out are the different levels the film deals at. The girls preoccupation with the female-dominated action movie scripts 'Terminator Dominatist'... And her sci-fi belief in time machines, UFOs.

And a real behavioural attribute of most ppl. To not to get hurt more, act strong and not let feelings touch you. This is a defense mechanism used by many, me included. I could relate to this at a more conscious level.

A great movie which i would rank alongside 'Serendipity'. It tells me, To be truly in love and live life fully, you have gotta be crazy.

There are some scenes which are forever etched in my mind. Like the scene, he goes and gives the rose in her class. Or makes a preparation for her birthday. Or wears her stilletos. Or her own crazy ways of living life.

The scene in which he says the 10 methods the prospective groom ought to do for her

. If she hits you and you dont feel pain, act like you are hurt.
.If it hurts, dont show it.
.When you go to a cafe, dont order coke, drink coffee.
.On your 1o0 day anniversary, go and give her a rose in class, she'll like it.
.If her feet hurt from the stilletos, exchange them for your sneakers.
.If she plays, she likes to win...

Dont miss it.

Anyways, and then the words 'I met a man from the future...'
The UFO that just appears for a moment on the hill when the girl goes to see the time capsule and then we have the old guy on the hill saying 'so you are building a bridge of chances for your love' and then again Gyenwoo saying the same thing in the end...! Get the relation there?

And the photo of first five quintuplets who are reported to be in the movie in different small roles.

Thanks for the information Suman.
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She Smiled

Creaking wheels,
and solemn looks.
I saw her
from the aisle long,
Body that failed to
help her move.
Friends and kith,
pushing the chair.
Filled with pity
I questioned god
for punishing an innocent.
Frowning and frusting
I sank deep in thought.
Prodding and pushing
the conscience of mine.
Ego bloated and silently thanking the stars of mine,
I expressed my sorrys and the arrogant modesties.
Pity flowed forth,
filling the brim,
My sense of superiority,
boosted by a vision of the weak.
And then ...
she smiled.

This is a thought to the way people look at individuals different abled. Pities, condolences, commiserations and all the crap that flows through. Why pity? Is it for a pseudo sense of self worth, that the human heart melts and pity flows over the brim? we are helping someone who cannot help themselves? All that sense of this superiority breaks up when the weak are just the mightier lot than any of the other normals.
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The Spirit of Life

"My father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends, then you've had a great life." ---Lee Iacocca

This was the line that struck me when reading the book Lee Iacocca,Chairman, Chrysler.

We had a 'Student Appreciation Day' in our school, Saturday evening. It was something which i didnt want to attend for reasons of some clash of principles and some bare facts, which are immaterial here in this discussion. But i attended it along with my pals, albeit a good 45 mins late.

The chief guest was a girl Sailaja, who is differently abled physically, owing to a terrible accident in 2001, in which she lost her mom and dad and suffered serious physical trauma. She is disabled from the neck down currently.

But you know what grabs your attention when you look at her for the first time, in spite of knowing all this? Her smile. Yes, her smile. Not to say, hers is the most smiling face Ive seen till date! I mean just look at her. There she is smiling away contendedly, and we are left bewildering, what are we feeling sorry for? Is it for her, or is it for ourselves?

All through the function, she was taken care of some guys whom i guessed were her cousins and brothers...guess what? Im real bad at guessing. All of them were her friends. Yes friends. All of them were boys and have been taking care of her since 2001!

Each of them is now employed, and take turns and take care of her, day-in and day-out. One of the friend's mother comes to her place at Gandhinagar from Vanasthalipuram[roughly a distance of no less than 20 kms] when she is needed.

And all the friends bought Sailaja a car for travel sake.

It happens very rarely in your life that you get to see, the values that you believe in, grit, determination, true friendship and all. And then you see it before your very eyes, happening as though it was the most natural thing to happen. The stealth with which the realization hits you makes your mind numb.

All i could of then was nothing. When one of the teachers asked 'Poorna, why are you smiling?' All i could muster to tell was 'Not smiling sir. Just that any sort of words are failing me now...'

All that i could think were 'What vaue systems are they living by? What are they holding close to their heart now? What is of priority to them?' Standing there i couldnt think of any individual alone. Not Sailaja. Not her friends alone. But all of them as a whole. And all that spirit of life that was prevailing. The spirit of life. Its celebration. The grit, the determination that goes into it to smile. And the love of her friends for her.

All that I could think of then, was, if I put to the same test, would I be able to live by atleast 1% of what they are performing? They are acing it nevertheless. All my problems, tensions and the unnecessary confusion I go through or am going through, is it all even worthy? If I/we could live atleast 50% of what they are living, that would be quite a fulfilling life to me...

Im still reeling from this mind-numbing, life-altering experience.

And the good news is, she is engaged now. Her fiance is in US and they have the consent of his mother too :)

Sailaja aims to complete her graduation. She is to appear for her 3rd year exams soon.

Ill be posting on this more regularly now on.
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Friday, February 25, 2005

TV Channels. Creativity.

TV has come a long way. Back when i used to watch it because i had no other option, to now, where the case is the same and also ive become more lazy :D

I believe everything goes in cycles. Somehow i cannot apply it completely for the TV serials. Right from the days, when i used to watch damningly slow serials 'Hum Log', 'Nukkad' to the more recent mythologicals and to the latest reality series..., there is a trend that goes around, almost like a fad.

Mythologicals were there all around, all along. 'Ramayana' and 'Mahabharata' the notable ones, this was when i was in 1st or 2nd classes...And then slowly by the time i was in my 7th, a new trend caught up, that of potraying historic stories, mostly Maratha kings or Freedom fighters.

And after some years, suddenly each and every channel was chruning out mythologicals. At one time, there were three channels running a serial each on Lord Hanuman! Had the audience become so religious minded all of a sudden.

The Indian TV audience atleast to me werent so selective about the serials, ever. It was always that most of the middle class Indian families had their dinner during the prime time serials( 2100hrs - 2200 hrs slot) slot. And anything that was ok, was fine.

Then why this surge? Because, all the base story was there beforehand. All they had to do was find some good 'authentic' sources, mish mash them, and just churn them on. No copyright issues, no plagiarism issues. All that legal camaraderie can just go to ...

And now i see the channels jumping onto the reality show bandwagon. Why? All the drama is provided by the participants themselves, with no need of any bound script. Its livewire action. And with miles of footage available, the creative heads are always at the command to edit the sequences as they see useful. And ofcourse, with a voyeur in everyone, who would not like to have a peep at others miseries too? And the channels are laughing all the way to the banks.

The audience as usual doesnt mind this much. A mealtime half an hour of stupidity, it can put up with.

I recommend reading 'House Arrest' by Ben Elton on some hilarious views on reality TV.
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todays's /usr/games/fortune(s)

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--- IIIT ---

What can i say here? These 4 years of my life as a students untouched by the role of professionalism. Fun. Disappointments.

At the end, it turned out like nothing i ever thought it would be. It neither turned out exactly what i thought it would be like. But at the end, all i can muster to say is 'Wow'.

I lived there. I learned to live. I learned to love myself, learn about myself. And the most important of all, the discovery of myself, strengths and weaknesses alike.

There's quiet a bit of blogging activity going on amongst the students of IIIT particular the ju's of our batch. And thats not surprising though, considering what a techie chaps they are.

Ill put in the consolidate list here soon....Do check this space.
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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Thanks to my dear friend Gandhi TM, Ive grown a movie freak over the years. wishlist tends to get longer, courtesy my indolence.
These are the ones that are new and would like to see before they move out of theatres. But there are many others in the archives that I havent yet seen. More on them soon.

This is my current list which i dont see any chances of going smaller once the coming weekend is not utilized properly :(
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I shouted so. Sort of the cry that we used to see when in the old hindi movies, the heroine, or the bhabhi or the ma would cry out when they hear something bad, Nahiiiiiiiii....


I was working out along with my younger bro in the evening yesterday, after having recieved quite a few comments from my near and dear on my bulging ....[nay not biceps, the tummy and the bttu]

And suddenly my friend comes in and says 'Orey, there is no use, you trying to workout'
Quizzed and confused and literally panting i ask 'Why?'
He says with a smile 'Dont you know, Hyderabad House is near our colony now, just 3 kms from our place. Just opened today. I already have had my fill'
Silence, contemplation and then 'Nahiiiiiiiiiiii...'

For people confused, Hyderabad House is the chain of restaurants in Hyderabad serving mmm..delicious chicken biryani, and me being the hardcore Hyderabadi that im, i gorge on biryani, i see all my weight loss programs going down the drain.

Again that pitiful thoughtful nods of discontent from my near and dear.
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What a mess & Other things

My first comments on some other's site, and i dare say, it hasnt been so smooth. Things taken personally, and of course lessons for me to learn in blogettiquette. Whats funny, though, is Ive got my first readers and of course, commentors too! And of course, a link to my own blog from some others blog. Do have a look at the post referring Yoohoo! A link to my blog from some others, although for the wrong reasons...

Just the same, This when i thought, there would be no reader for my blog, and I thought it would be just a simple blog for my own self. So no point in linking my site to others.Good, seems like now i will be heard too! *thats dangerous*

Well, in the lack of any directly viewable emotions, guess words have to be chosen carefully. It almost felt like speaking to dad in the morning when he says we would have to follow some norms when living in society. Got me really irritated and feeling lost, first for the reason, that it was no way connected to what we were discussing. Second, how lame a reason it sounded to me at that time.

What was striking though, is the judgement that seems to be passed everywhere by everyone. Guess, trying to accept the unknown is something we are not yet conditioned to take. Maybe its an evolutionary need.

Like when in the blogevent yesterday, they pass a judgement on something. I write in response to that. And the other mails from other readers.And in the morning, when mom and dad feel that they have got to comment on someone, who may or might not affect their life or related to them in anyway... Is it some remote urge to get judgemental? Im still not sure what this means or entails. I just guess, im ready to scrutinize my viewpoints, given the right points.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Indian Epics -II...Cynics

[added 12:24pm, 24th Feb,2005]
Posts Indian Epics-I and Indian Epics-II have nothing in common in terms of the subjects dealt with. The similarity and the continuum of the posts end at the point, that one was in retaliation to another post and the other was just a post inspired by the same and not pointed at the same individual. Adding this disclaimer, since a clear stand on this will clarify the doubts and saves me time, spent in writing clarification mails to all hurt/affected unintentionally.

Im a known sucker for Indian traditions and values. I value them very deeply and so it gets me deeply irritated/hurt when pseudo-intellectuals start crapping about the possible faults in the ancient texts, with all sort of logical and practical ideas to defend their case in point.

Whats most funny though, is that most of them have no idea about what they are talking about! Neither have they taken the care to prepare their case in point.Their points are most usually supported by evidences which in most cases are urban legends and in most other cases, misguided enthusiasm. I would never term their endeavors, truth seeking, its most always, rebelling for no cause.

Most of the times, these people are what i term as IBCD "Indian Born Confused Desis", the perfect counterfoil to their NRI cousins, the ABCDs. With a TV in the room, and a remote to surf, they go about watching all the crap being churned out as mythologicals and use the sequences depicted there as authentic pieces of information for their debate and start yapping about the nuances of the epics.

Take the instance of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Undoubtedly, the most thought about pieces of literature, having a deeply analyzed human trait in all the cases. Each and every character has its own trait, thoroughly analyzed and studied. Unfortunately, none of the characters seem to make as much impact as does the helplessness of Rama when he has to send his wife into exile, or that of Yudhistira who has all his kith and kin at stake on the dice board.

What is more stunning, is the almost zero knowledge, that Raavana,the demon king, is a Brahmin by birth, a genius at the fields of music, arts and knowledge and a great soldier. That Duryodhana was not a tormentor but a great king(loved by all) in his reign during the exile of Pandavas!

It is this mis-information that irks me when the pseudo-intellectuals and lefist liberals start talking about everything under the sun that is wrong with the narrow-minded, male dominated society of India.

Before you start talking about anything
1. Be informed
2. Know what, why you are talking about what you are talking about
3. See the big picture
4. Check your premise, there cannot exist contradictions
5. Stop being a cynic

What i consider lucky in the terms is that when in doubt i always had books to guide me, to learn from, and parents and grandparents to help me analyze and understand them. Almost never was the term of 'a different plane' was given an answer...just plain lucky.
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Indian Epics - I

This is my comments in reply to the post that was made on the blog entry :

Its said so that in the lifetime of an individual...
He should be taught Ramayana when he is a kid, for the virtues a man should possess.
He should be taught Mahabharata for learning about politics when he is of productive age.
And at the end of his life learn the Bhagvadgita.

If you've known/observed or not, the indian epics are laced with exaggerations in almost all the cases. When the verses, proses and poems are taken for their face value, i guess nothing holds strong against your own logical reasonings. If taken at face value, i guess all of them appear to be downright bluffs.But each of the story/incident that you are talking about has a lesson to it, i believe.

In the case of Rama, first Rama heard about it through one of his spies, not directly. Two, the people who talked about the same, were actually two rakshashas, who were disguised as washerman and washerwoman. The washerman banishes his own wife saying 'Im not a great man like Rama, who would have his own wife who had lived with other man for 14 years...'.

This instance was to teach the RajaDharma of a person. That a person in power should be of pure character and his dharma of a king comes first and foremost before that of his own individual prejudices. That is what is now called 'professionalism'

I guess we can go on others too...

On the comments on Mahabharata, first when the brothers were in exile, mainly because their palace of lac was burnt down by Duryodhana(lying is necessary here), the brothers lived not as brahmins but as soldiers of fortune.

Your 'Unbrahminnical' retort is out of question.

As of Yudhishtira, appearing as the weakest link, nothing is as pathetic and far from reality as it is. Just because, he is not a huge hunk or a master of weapons, he is never given the due respect as he is. Just the way, its happening around here, in this present world.

Look around and tell me who are the biggest celebrities here...the intelligentsia or the glitz-glamour ppl? Dont tell about the dollar churning CEOs, whoever thinks of the hundreds of brilliant programmers behind all this?
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Ever felt a sudden calm engulfing you? The calm itself is so sudden, so intense and extremely peaceful, words fail you then. And all that is left of us, is just the feeling, the feeling of experiencing it, powerfully.It happened to me mostly when i used to do my nightouts, during the walk i used to take from the lab to my hostel room, before hitting the bed.

All around things get so clear, you can feel the soft cold wind just kissing you and moving away, but the cold that seems to stay, moving along by your side, almost in a delicate embrace. It almost has a trance-like quality, the sleeplessness has already taken its toll, the senses are most active, erratic would be the right word. Every movement, every small sound is registered. Every sight and sound gets clearer by moment, but the moment itself is pulselike, as brief as the wink of a eyelid. It is in this moments, a thousand or a hundred thousand discrete disconnected moments that make up the consciousness of that state.

I guess everyone has been there. Its that time, when we are completely tired, burnt out, sleepless...and just raring to go to sleep. Its those few moments just before we crash into our cozy beds. And then once we wake up, all that is gone...
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Saturday, February 19, 2005

The habit of taking for granted

Why do we take so many things for granted? I was asking this question so many times over the last few days? Why do we?

Like my mom and dad, how much ever i hurt them, i dont even care. Like for my younger bro, i just take him too much for granted. Or my closest friends...? Or the permanence of situations, events, or even our own life? Why do we take time for granted? The moments that pass by...Why dont we make it a point to not to let them just pass by? Why do we assume we have so much time? All for ourself...

Why do we assume so many things? And then suddenly when we are woken out of this slumber by some event..It has happened to me recently.Tears, pain and all that, that comes with it... realisation. And ive made it a point to not to do it. Again. Ever.

Its funny when i discuss this with my close friends, they said that how can someone be best friends, if we cant take them for granted? Is it? Is it the way it should be? Isnt it the other way round? To take more care of your own loved ones? Is this where we are all going wrong?

Why do we take the extra pains to make the strangers comfortable, but dont even care for own loved ones? Why? What do we want, why do we want?

Its worth giving a thought.
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Me India US

US of A. India. Why do we need to go to us?

1. earn in dollars
2. learn the professional attitude there
3. makes for a good show-off
4. working in india and making in on your own is too tough
5. life-long dream
6. its the time for globalization!
7. better avenues for research
8. entrance exams in india are too tough for us

I just dont see any reason why i should go there..

1. Earning in dollars and spending in dollars. Doesnt make much sense to me. Earn in dollars, save it there, come to India, spend in rupees. Spend it here. Clever.
Question is. How many are/can really making/make it back?

2. Yup. We've definitely got a issue here. We've got to learn that. But unless the attitude doesnt come from the inside, and is more of a conformance, why? And do we have to go there for learning this?

3. Yup, definitely. But what about the personal losses here?

4. True. Very true.

5. Cant help this. Every eye has its dream.

6. Bullshit. Selling the sports there for $2 and here for more than 2000 isnt globalization. And what about the sals dear? The highest sals we get here dont even amount to a pittance there.

7. Definitely true but not always and not in all cases. We have world class institutes here.

8. The order of toughness of entrance exams for MS/MTech: GATE > CAT > GRE

My take, only those people who cant make it or fight it out here go there. This is my own personal belief. I want to make it big, huge actually and that I would want to do here, in India, with the people I know, for the people I know, I love.

I dont like US for many things that arent right there. I dont have neither the awe nor the respect or obsequeince that is expected for a country. Why? I dont know. Cause, in the scheme of things, its a country not bounded by any code of principles. Too confused.

India as i see it, is at the threshold of a complete makeover. The next 50 years are to usher in a new revolution. And i believe it with all my heart. And this is where i want to be. The centre of this action, I want to be part of the nation building process of my country.

If ever after talking all this, I ever go to US, it means Ive lost my battle. It means, I've accepted defeat.
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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Quotable Quotes II

Another collection...none of them written by me.

"The secret of greatness is simple: do better work than any other man in your field - and keep on doing it."
- Wilfred A. Peterson

"I firmly believe that any mans finest hour – his great fulfilment to all he holds dear - Is that moment, when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the battlefield ... victorious."
-Vince Lombardi
(1913 – 1970)

"The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them."
- Albert Einstein

"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it."
- George Bernard Shaw

"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have."
- Eckhart Tolle

"Everyone is a genius at least once a year. The real geniuses simply have their bright ideas closer together."
- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."
- e e cummings

We never know how good we are, until we are called to rise."
- Emily Dickinson

"I think high self-esteem is overrated. A little low self-esteem is actually quite good…Maybe you're not the best, so you should work a little harder."
- Jay Leno
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Page 3 - My Review

"You can love them, you can hate them but you can't ignore them." This probably sums up the life of a Page 3 celebrity and the attitude of more serious-minded individuals{hmmm....} towards them. As for the movie, its about everything thats wrong with the page3 and where it should have got it right. Paedophiles, Drugs, Sex, Pitifully underrated IQ, Shallow lives, Lives that begin and end at the skin.

And what i got to see in Page 3 was exactly that, that which as a normal guy will never to get to understand. Or would not ever care to. The philosophy of 'work hard, party harder' is a great maxim. Definitely for people who really work hard at it and want to get the maximum out of life. But where does partying end? Where does a party animal end and a party monger takes birth?

Whats the infatuation with living the shallow lives without a purpose or a meaning? Probably, it is these lives that Ayn Rand calls the second handers or the leachers. And definitely its an affirmative nod from my side. Its the lives that they can or will never live for themselves. And the pity is these are the lives that are being heard by everyone. Or being forced to be seen, not heard.

Pitiful it may sound, thats the way it is.And finally, who watches these page 3 other than us? Who gives the papers this circulation other than us, the normalites?

Its funny, how true the words sound to me now... 'In everyone of us, there is a exhibitionist and a voyeur. And the success of page 3 celebrities and reality shows prove exactly that'

Coming to the cast, Konkona Sen is the actress to look out for. If she bowled me out for her performance in Mr and Mrs Iyer, for this performance im blown away. Next stop, Amu.Some scenes were wonderful. Like the embarassment and the funniness in the whole scene when she giggles and a predicament between choosing to see and not see, when her boyfriend shoots for an underwear ad. Probably the only actress i'll be yearning to watch out for. Cheers to an actress who knows what she's doing.

With Sandhya Mrudul as the ambitious, high flying(literally), practical Pearl, i loved the performance and the high spirits she brought to the role.

Atul Kulkarni for raging that true fire and baring the truth. "You have to be IN the system, to change the system"

The actor as the perfect inspector, but i dont know his name :( Sorry, sir.

Boman Irani for the thoroughly restrained performance.

And all the page3 celebrities.

Good scenes/dialogues:

"Do you believe in love at first sight?"
"Hmmm...then we must see each other often"

"Next time lock the door" [You have to see the movie, to understand this context]

I was late half an hour for the movie. I didnt regret it much. So will go out again with my close friends.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Quotable Quotes 1

"love is like stock market short term there are loads of ups and downs , medium term people do speculate,.but in longer term you are bound to have gains.." -- M Dixit

I dont know about the middle term but the first part is definitely seems to be true. As for the last part, yeah, mostly true.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Recenlty when i recieved a mail from my cousin who is now in Australia, i just went through experiencing the fun that we used to have. It was a small game we used to play, me along with my cousin, ravi and my younger bro keerthi. Our game was very simple and was heavily influenced by the movie format.

Ok, so lets go into the game shall we?

It consisted of three characters. A hero(of course, what would we do without him), the boss(what would the hero do without him?), and of course the stooge for the boss(what would the boss do without him?)...As we start the game, we had the hero getting up in the morn, brushing his teeth, washing his face, bathing too sometimes, and then having his breakfast. All this was mime of course, otherwise with the mess that would have happened, our moms would definitely have spanked us black and blue. he he he.

So I'll take the pleasure of taking you into the story as we played. The English translation is there for you in italics.

H(Hero) : [having his breakfast]...
S(Stooge):[comes to the hero and stands in front of him] Oy, maa boss ninni rammanntunnadu. Hey, my boss is calling you.
H : Nenu raanu pho. I wont come, get lost.
S :
[threatening] Raavaaa? wont you come?
H : Raanu I wont come.

So a fight now ensues between the two. Naturally, after a lot of dishoom-dishoom, the stooge gets beaten very badly. He goes to his boss to complain.

B : Entra emaindi? What happened?
S : Boss vaadu raanu annadu. Boss, he said he will not come with me.
Idiot, velli theesukoni raa, pho. Go, get him, you idiot.

So the stooge goes once again to the Hero. This time our hero gets beaten very badly. And the stooge brings the unconscious one to the Boss. And the boss orders him to be thrown into the Husain Sagar [that was the sea for us]. Exit the stooge.

Now the boss stands on the banks of the sagar and starts laughing loudly. The hero emerges as does in the films and they have a good fight. First the boss beats the hero up very bad, but our hero comes back and finally finisshes off the evil boss.

The best part of this game was that each of us got to win atleast once. But of course the hero, being the hero he is, won two times. Do i need say which character was more in demand? Anyways, with my cousin being the elder of the two of us, would improvise and bring in any additional ideas which we would incorporate in the game.

And we used to play this everytime we met. Generally in the morning, when the mothers are busy preparing the afternoon lunch, and the dads are having debates and discussions. And we never got tired of this...This was a definite hit among us.

Things change. Lifes changes. But the show goes on. We stopped there. But maybe ten years down the line, we will have our own kids play some game, maybe some online multiplayer, what say?

It was great fun thinking of those times. Think of it, it was only 10 years ago, but the sweetmints that we used to get for 2/- rs was something we could suffice for, for the rest of the evening(s).
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Arz Hai. 'Kya Karti Ki Kya ki'

Words that get to mind when 'I' think of Hyderabad
Dum Ka Biryani
Irani Chai
Ubiquitous Pan
Uniquely localised Urdu Dialect
Chalta Hai Attitude

I have been a hyderabadi for almost 22 years now, and its not without a tinge of pride and happiness i say this, I love Hyderabad. Its just so cool and callous. The callousness that you get to see at every level of the system everywhere, but sometimes, might be its just that the royal blood has so spread into everyone, its just impossible to make us lazy bums get to do something serious. But that will be a complete farce if the description just stops so. And i can go on. We never cease to amaze.

Now just a poem in the apna dialect :)

Hatha me hath milake,
Hatha me hath milake,
anguthi churake uno chali gayi,
abhi gale milne ko aari,
kya karati ki kya ki......

chay pine ko aake,
chay pine ko aake,
soccer churake uno chali gayi,
abhi full meals ko aari,
kya karati ki kya ki........

pahalich mulakat me ,
pahalich mulakat me ,
five star me uno merkoo chuna lagai,
abhi date pe leke jao bolari,
kya karati ki kya ki..........

sagai sagai bolake,
sagai saagi bolake,
puri shopping karali,
abhi shadi shadi bolari
kya karati ki kya ki.......

Aslam Hyderabadi aka Anonymous

Watch out this space for more on Hyderabad. This is just a beginning.
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New Poem

Poetry has again caught on with me.yet again.


Clear the thorns,
Break the word.
Break the silence and
lift the head.

Let the rage that fills in you grow,
Erupt! Flow! Let the lava glow
Filled with magma, let your eyes burn
to burn the forests that block up your path.

Let the mediocre sit and watch the show
As the lava flows, leave them to flow
Be the change that you wanted ever to show,
Think and fight and tire not till you grow.

Rage of time and ravages of crime,
Make the ethos believe in you.
Fight the rot and clear the moth,
the muscles are strong and the blood starts to flow.

Get up you asses, Stand up to know.
The rots in the system, and its you, you know.
Throw up the pen and catch up the sword.
Fight till you retire, and tire not, till you go.
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Friday, February 04, 2005

Oh my God!

What is God? Who is God? Why is God? When is God?

These might be prententiously silly and idiotic questions to many, for me this has been the centre of my spiritual thinking for the last one year. It happens rarely that during the years of existence, you begin to question all the preconceived, preexisting notions of god and religion and then you get all the help you need to clear your doubts.

Three most influential persons who helped me. Prof P N Murthy who was my professor for our 'Theory of Action' Course during my last semester in IIIT. It happens rarely that you get to see the conviction and the truth that shows in the voice and the relative comfort he showed when he patiently answered our questions. Its that simple conviction that you get to see rarely, that conviction in their belief, that forced me to trust him. But the journey isnt yet over.

And then Jiddu Krishnamurthy whose teachings, rather recorded conversations which just drive you to insanity.

And my Dad, whose single line just broke all my logic and premonitions
'Why should i believe in god, dad?'
'No need to'
'But do you?'
'But why?'
'because Faith has no logic'

Whats so influential about these three persons who influenced me so much? Because, there are many people, spiritual gurus all round, spreading the same message, moment by moment. Becuase in them i see a blind conviction in what they believe. Not a defensive conviction, that shows in a blind believer who would not dare to ask questions, because his whole life and values built around them would just crumble. Its not a conviction, that just blindly accepts or rather conditioned to believe so. Its a conviction that comes because of having found them, by going through the same struggle, untiring, relentless, ruthless.

My journey is yet on. I dont see myself stopping until im convinced. Its been a tumultous journey, questioning yourself, scrutinizing yourself, judging and finally understanding each and every action and though of yours.

Ive tried hard to find many answers, many are convincing, but thats because, im still trying to unravel it by logic, intellect, and that my friends is the key. Suspension of belief is something i need to believe in. There are many things i dont know. But i still revel in them. Enjoy them. And thats what im not doing.

But someday i might get to understand it. Atleast be in peace with all that is around. Im at peace now. But to get that ultimate peace, its a matter of time.

And then, im turning to a traditional jingoist that being a moral police. I love my tradition culture. Thats where all this ends at myself. Ill be happy if others follow, but, out of their own volition.
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