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Friday, January 07, 2005

Poem. Polished.

This was written a loooong time ago. Just changed and refined it.

Listen ye folks that liveth this place,
For a lesson so old, and seldom heard for sure.

Of a lesson of life and love that grows,
From the pangs of pain, the pleasure that rose.
Take care of love thats held out for you,
for the love thats only yours, is not the truth.

As a tendered little child that learns to grow
falling and walking, it learns to grow.
As a tendered little plant that sways in the gusts,
Leave it time and space to grow...

For the love that stays is only the one thats strong
from the gusts and pains that shattered its arms.

The love that stays isnt the love you tied down
The love that stays isnt the love you buyed now
The love that stays isnt the one that you built
on lies and wealth and dreams of truth ephemeral.

Live your love that way you love Love
for the love you love is the love you live.
Let the love live and love till you live
for the love that stays is the love you let go.
|| KoPoS, 10:36:00 AM


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