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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Pakkinti Chintha Koora Pullana

If you are racking your brains to find out the meaning of the above line, well, just back off and sit down and rest. Unless you know Telugu, there isnt much chance you can understand what that means.

Just another way of telling '...Grapes are sour...' Anyways, just some months ago, i dont even remember but it was pretty recent im sure. I was just surfing through the channels and got a glimpse of an eternally comic scene. There was this cricket match going on. So in the commentary room, we had Mandira, and some other cricketers hanging out. And what for? To ask a Tarot reader to tell the result of the match...? Rofling maybe an understatement. And thats when i understood cricket is no longer a game. Its aint a sport. Its a marketing vehicle. A huge one at that. A gimmick. And that event was a pretty cheap gimmick.

Just why then would they abhor any indian to predict the results using his jyothish vidya? Is it cause tarot reading is fine with the western opinions?

At these times, i just think of Einstein and his immortal words "Only two things are infinite...and im not sure about the former"

And finally why this certification from the other world that something that suits you suits you...? I mean if we found yoga, it has to be certified by west and lo and behold it becomes a craze. And same about many things...I dont have the patience enough to talk about us and our stupidity and our hypocrisy.

Of course, 'Lagaan'. And why this craze to get something to be certified by 'Oscar'? Afterall, we love our movies. Does Lagaan not getting an Oscar change its greatness in anyway? For some, it does a lot!
|| KoPoS, 3:05:00 PM


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