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Monday, January 17, 2005

Linux. The updates.

Found some really interesting things in Linux.

GUI boot of PC. Makes my younger bro comfy with this after seeing the crt boot of linux till now.
* Makes it easy for me to entice him to use Linux * >:-]

Totem. Plays any damn format of video or audio. Was pleasantly syrprised when it started playing .wma files! Thought that was Windows proprietary.

Tron's version of the game with the 3d light cycles. Of course, the cannon smash. Of course, not that good. But does make for a good time pass.

The new backgrounds for the desktops. Makes for a really good eye candy.

Exploring Mandrake...More to come as i delve deeper.
|| KoPoS, 11:57:00 AM


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