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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Life Rocks

Sometimes i wonder if the direction im going are right or wrong. Sometimes im damn confused and sometimes im sure as hell. Things are so clear inspite of everything against me and on other times, things are so garbled up when everything is just fine(...too fine...). I always knew i want to be an entrepreneur. I love that excitement and the challenges that having your own company poses for you. And of course, as a one who loves challenges, Im too sure, this is also thats close to my heart.

With that dream in its infancy and the stepping stones too in the mortar, nothing is definite as of now. And with the company Im employed in, I'll have to verify the company policies on moonlighting. If they arent what i expect them to be, its going to be a tough decision. Rest assured, ill go where my heart is. But my only concern will be the incubation time needed to make it big for me. Its just that making the dreams a reality takes it toll. Im up for all that until that toll is on me. Its tough to put all your loved ones to test for your own sake.

Its a bundle of contradictions. Well, then im in for the fight. Check out this space for more on this.

The new calendar year has been good for me as of now. Prof. P has a proposal for a entrepreneur effort. Gotta discuss and see how it goes.
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