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Friday, January 28, 2005

Landlocked in an island

When i was a kid(i still am), i had these wonderful ideas of me flying across in the sky, jumping over walls, strong and confident, all powerful omnipotent, it was a vision of me, that was complete in itself. It was just me me me and me.

And then as the age catches up with you, you tend to expand your perception of this world. You grow more broad minded, accepting more people into your periphery of vision. As you grow more 'broad-minded', the inner vision of your own self changes. You get more narrow minded from the inside, thinking about limitations, building invisible walls.

Now you 'know' that you cant fly(physics says so), you cant just jump like that(physics says so and then the landlord might have you prosecuted for trespassing), you arent strong(there are the weak and sore bones), you arent omnipotent(think of lifting a buge drum or a boulder), and the vision degrades into something more 'practical'...

And that is what practicality does to you sometimes. Think of yourself as just another guy. You dont have the liberty to think of yourself as very high, your identity isnt special unless of course, you have something to back up this tall claims :O

And then the vision deteriorates. The vision of promise is crushed with the foot of practicality. 'Accept it, nothing of that sort happens here' say some. Dream is something you have when you are in sleep. Dream is not for this real world.

Is this the way of a vision to be lived and cherished? Whats my answer...? No I dare it. If need be, I'll stay a kid for life.

Life is for dreamers. Not for sleepers.
|| KoPoS, 11:42:00 AM


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