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Monday, January 17, 2005

Falling in Love with Linux

Linux. The single reason why I would love to pray to never work in Windows again.
After the years of Windows and its features of 'blue screens of death', regular 'system hangs', and the 'crashes' , working in a 'Stable' OS is thoroughly refreshing.

Ive been working on RedHat 7.2 distro of Linux for a looong time and have been a fan of it. Ive not even upgraded to the later versions of 7.3 and 9.0 mainly for the reason cause, 7.2 was the most stable for me. And for the configuration I have, Linux definitely makes my PC a workstation and less of a PC.

Now after 3 years Ive finally gone to the next level. Mandrake 9.2. And this system transition is a piece of cake. Truly, never has shifting from one distro to another or even installing a OS been soooo easy. Ive been through the whole cycle of installing OSs. First the 6.8 of linux with the CRT mode of display, the curses interface i suppose. And then to the pseudo gui of 7.1 and then to the PCQLinux 7.2 GUI Mode of installation. And finally to the gui of mandrake...

After two days of tinkering the system, of course, getting lost in the beauty of linux is just another topic in itself altogether...

Anyways, so for my programming, Ive checked for OpenGL and SDL. That as ive tested is finally up and running. As usual my benchmark is my 3D game engine prototype. It works finally. There's no end to my joy. This is Bliss...

Im yet to install the drivers for OGL but i suppose that will be done soon. Although, Currently Linux is nowhere near Windows for its UI, Windows is of course nowhere near linux for its stability.

Just the same. Im damn happy now and raring to go home to start working on my Linux Box asap. Oh, btw i have XP on my pc just in case i want to play some games...

*...geeks never change...*
|| KoPoS, 11:30:00 AM


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