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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Calendar New Year - A Transition

As i slowly learn more about myself, my thoughts and my own culture, im changing into more of a national jingoist(...kidding...). But yes, im more and more into the culture traditions and the deeply philosophical ideas of my ancients.

The Indian phiosophy bug has really bit into me. The main reason, its based completely on science, logic and reason. I know people come out with various reasons, like that regarding vaasthu, superstitions. Yes, there are some flaws. But increasingly I find it funny, that we(Indians, particularly) will not accept the greatness of anything unless it is certified by the western world. An extremely funny and frustratingly idiotic trait. [More on this later]

And i felt no big reason as to why i should need to celebrate the new year. Its afterall, a change in calendar year. Nothing more, nothing less. Its in the harshest of seasons. Logic fails me when i tried to find why i have to celebrate new year. So i just didnt. Slept through the transition period. Just another day. Just another weekend.

As for the Telugu new year, its celebrated as the beginning of spring. The ancient Indian Philosophy and Traditions never cease to amaze me.
|| KoPoS, 2:08:00 PM


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