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Monday, January 31, 2005

Linux. The Next Phase.

As for my promised updates on Linux. My present love is Mandrake 9.2. And the one word to sum it all. It Rocks!!!

I reinstalled Linux after all the minimum install i did the other day to convert to a full install. The best things

1. xmms
2. mplayer
3. anjuta
4. Xfce
5. DM
6. cool wallpapers.
7. High stability.

Of course, there are still a lot of chinks that have to be filled into it before it can all the way with windows. But as an OS, Linux is _the_ most promising one on the horizon for me.

And for a console freak, and a stability drone, this is the place to be...

Im thinking of those times/days when i used to work in Windows. Nostalgia...sniff...sniff
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Friday, January 28, 2005

Landlocked in an island

When i was a kid(i still am), i had these wonderful ideas of me flying across in the sky, jumping over walls, strong and confident, all powerful omnipotent, it was a vision of me, that was complete in itself. It was just me me me and me.

And then as the age catches up with you, you tend to expand your perception of this world. You grow more broad minded, accepting more people into your periphery of vision. As you grow more 'broad-minded', the inner vision of your own self changes. You get more narrow minded from the inside, thinking about limitations, building invisible walls.

Now you 'know' that you cant fly(physics says so), you cant just jump like that(physics says so and then the landlord might have you prosecuted for trespassing), you arent strong(there are the weak and sore bones), you arent omnipotent(think of lifting a buge drum or a boulder), and the vision degrades into something more 'practical'...

And that is what practicality does to you sometimes. Think of yourself as just another guy. You dont have the liberty to think of yourself as very high, your identity isnt special unless of course, you have something to back up this tall claims :O

And then the vision deteriorates. The vision of promise is crushed with the foot of practicality. 'Accept it, nothing of that sort happens here' say some. Dream is something you have when you are in sleep. Dream is not for this real world.

Is this the way of a vision to be lived and cherished? Whats my answer...? No I dare it. If need be, I'll stay a kid for life.

Life is for dreamers. Not for sleepers.
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Monday, January 17, 2005

Linux. The updates.

Found some really interesting things in Linux.

GUI boot of PC. Makes my younger bro comfy with this after seeing the crt boot of linux till now.
* Makes it easy for me to entice him to use Linux * >:-]

Totem. Plays any damn format of video or audio. Was pleasantly syrprised when it started playing .wma files! Thought that was Windows proprietary.

Tron's version of the game with the 3d light cycles. Of course, the cannon smash. Of course, not that good. But does make for a good time pass.

The new backgrounds for the desktops. Makes for a really good eye candy.

Exploring Mandrake...More to come as i delve deeper.
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Falling in Love with Linux

Linux. The single reason why I would love to pray to never work in Windows again.
After the years of Windows and its features of 'blue screens of death', regular 'system hangs', and the 'crashes' , working in a 'Stable' OS is thoroughly refreshing.

Ive been working on RedHat 7.2 distro of Linux for a looong time and have been a fan of it. Ive not even upgraded to the later versions of 7.3 and 9.0 mainly for the reason cause, 7.2 was the most stable for me. And for the configuration I have, Linux definitely makes my PC a workstation and less of a PC.

Now after 3 years Ive finally gone to the next level. Mandrake 9.2. And this system transition is a piece of cake. Truly, never has shifting from one distro to another or even installing a OS been soooo easy. Ive been through the whole cycle of installing OSs. First the 6.8 of linux with the CRT mode of display, the curses interface i suppose. And then to the pseudo gui of 7.1 and then to the PCQLinux 7.2 GUI Mode of installation. And finally to the gui of mandrake...

After two days of tinkering the system, of course, getting lost in the beauty of linux is just another topic in itself altogether...

Anyways, so for my programming, Ive checked for OpenGL and SDL. That as ive tested is finally up and running. As usual my benchmark is my 3D game engine prototype. It works finally. There's no end to my joy. This is Bliss...

Im yet to install the drivers for OGL but i suppose that will be done soon. Although, Currently Linux is nowhere near Windows for its UI, Windows is of course nowhere near linux for its stability.

Just the same. Im damn happy now and raring to go home to start working on my Linux Box asap. Oh, btw i have XP on my pc just in case i want to play some games...

*...geeks never change...*
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Monday, January 10, 2005

Rivalry Revisited.

India vs Pakistan. This topic never ceases to evoke interest, never ceases to cease. And with the kind of unrightful publicity its being given, this doesnt seem.

What would happen if all of this just ends? There's no fight between them and us. Im not even sure it exists. Im not sure it doesnt exist. With the kind of media and information overload, nothing just seems to be true.

"Believe everything, but trust nothing..."

While i'm at home watching TV, i come across this new program on a english channel, which proclaims of a grand show-off between the eternal rivals 'India vs Pakistan'. And how? Fight between two teams. Well this isnt surprising with what a 150 crore population can do to your channel's TRP ratings... Havent we seen this in cricket? Any game for that matter that involves us both countries?

How long can this go on? Well, as long every greedy individual with ulterior motives looks over such motives, this shall go.

What about the civilians? As usual, we will be fooled. By the media, which can and never will publish anything that hampers its TRP soar and anything thats not sensational. Media today has long ceased to be an index of the reality, its just a game of TRP ratings and senstionalism.

If you seem to think otherwise, tell me how come how did the tsunami just disappear out of sight all at once?

Yes, the country is going to the dogs. And if we arent the keepers, it wont take long to tear this wonderful world to pieces...

"Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity."
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Friday, January 07, 2005

Poem. Polished.

This was written a loooong time ago. Just changed and refined it.

Listen ye folks that liveth this place,
For a lesson so old, and seldom heard for sure.

Of a lesson of life and love that grows,
From the pangs of pain, the pleasure that rose.
Take care of love thats held out for you,
for the love thats only yours, is not the truth.

As a tendered little child that learns to grow
falling and walking, it learns to grow.
As a tendered little plant that sways in the gusts,
Leave it time and space to grow...

For the love that stays is only the one thats strong
from the gusts and pains that shattered its arms.

The love that stays isnt the love you tied down
The love that stays isnt the love you buyed now
The love that stays isnt the one that you built
on lies and wealth and dreams of truth ephemeral.

Live your love that way you love Love
for the love you love is the love you live.
Let the love live and love till you live
for the love that stays is the love you let go.
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Life Rocks

Sometimes i wonder if the direction im going are right or wrong. Sometimes im damn confused and sometimes im sure as hell. Things are so clear inspite of everything against me and on other times, things are so garbled up when everything is just fine(...too fine...). I always knew i want to be an entrepreneur. I love that excitement and the challenges that having your own company poses for you. And of course, as a one who loves challenges, Im too sure, this is also thats close to my heart.

With that dream in its infancy and the stepping stones too in the mortar, nothing is definite as of now. And with the company Im employed in, I'll have to verify the company policies on moonlighting. If they arent what i expect them to be, its going to be a tough decision. Rest assured, ill go where my heart is. But my only concern will be the incubation time needed to make it big for me. Its just that making the dreams a reality takes it toll. Im up for all that until that toll is on me. Its tough to put all your loved ones to test for your own sake.

Its a bundle of contradictions. Well, then im in for the fight. Check out this space for more on this.

The new calendar year has been good for me as of now. Prof. P has a proposal for a entrepreneur effort. Gotta discuss and see how it goes.
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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Pakkinti Chintha Koora Pullana

If you are racking your brains to find out the meaning of the above line, well, just back off and sit down and rest. Unless you know Telugu, there isnt much chance you can understand what that means.

Just another way of telling '...Grapes are sour...' Anyways, just some months ago, i dont even remember but it was pretty recent im sure. I was just surfing through the channels and got a glimpse of an eternally comic scene. There was this cricket match going on. So in the commentary room, we had Mandira, and some other cricketers hanging out. And what for? To ask a Tarot reader to tell the result of the match...? Rofling maybe an understatement. And thats when i understood cricket is no longer a game. Its aint a sport. Its a marketing vehicle. A huge one at that. A gimmick. And that event was a pretty cheap gimmick.

Just why then would they abhor any indian to predict the results using his jyothish vidya? Is it cause tarot reading is fine with the western opinions?

At these times, i just think of Einstein and his immortal words "Only two things are infinite...and im not sure about the former"

And finally why this certification from the other world that something that suits you suits you...? I mean if we found yoga, it has to be certified by west and lo and behold it becomes a craze. And same about many things...I dont have the patience enough to talk about us and our stupidity and our hypocrisy.

Of course, 'Lagaan'. And why this craze to get something to be certified by 'Oscar'? Afterall, we love our movies. Does Lagaan not getting an Oscar change its greatness in anyway? For some, it does a lot!
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Calendar New Year - A Transition

As i slowly learn more about myself, my thoughts and my own culture, im changing into more of a national jingoist(...kidding...). But yes, im more and more into the culture traditions and the deeply philosophical ideas of my ancients.

The Indian phiosophy bug has really bit into me. The main reason, its based completely on science, logic and reason. I know people come out with various reasons, like that regarding vaasthu, superstitions. Yes, there are some flaws. But increasingly I find it funny, that we(Indians, particularly) will not accept the greatness of anything unless it is certified by the western world. An extremely funny and frustratingly idiotic trait. [More on this later]

And i felt no big reason as to why i should need to celebrate the new year. Its afterall, a change in calendar year. Nothing more, nothing less. Its in the harshest of seasons. Logic fails me when i tried to find why i have to celebrate new year. So i just didnt. Slept through the transition period. Just another day. Just another weekend.

As for the Telugu new year, its celebrated as the beginning of spring. The ancient Indian Philosophy and Traditions never cease to amaze me.
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