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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

New things in Life

Yesterday was probably the most productive of the days in terms of effort-satisfaction quotient. Mainly cause I tried some new things and succeeded in them. Being a new swimmer, trying to swim across the length of the swimming pool in 'planet 10' has always been a nightmare. Whenever i tried it by holding my breath i would stop halfway down the line. But now that ive learnt to do freestyle by also breathing above water, i decided to give it a try. Well the first time i failed. Panicked. Then after some time I tried again, and succeeded. This after...almost drowning when i was learning swimming.

And now working with Enlightenment, WM, i feel so cool. Its highly configurable and works well. Does all i need. And yes the point is ive changed many menus according to my convenince. It required a quite an amount of effort. But it helps you know when your effort shows the results. Aah...the sweent scent of success.

But the coding is going real bad. And i promised Mr.P that ill be finishing our project yesterday itself which i havent incidentally even started. Hope to learn and master Linux by doing this part of the project report, etc. Lets see.

And the job market is big here and in C.B. Hope it can squeeze me in and share a few lacs. :))

Abhi to life hai movies, enlightenment, business india, poetry, swimming.
coding ki zaroorat hai.
|| KoPoS, 10:27:00 AM


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