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Monday, June 28, 2004

Network Trouble

Man o Man. Man o Man o Man.
Networks. Probably the most feared of all the subjects in Computer Science mainly because of unreliability. And today im witness to the most horrific experiences of them all. Never have i felt that working with Sockets can be so tiresome. And now seeing the way network really works, i must say im falbbergasted. From the noon onwards, ive been stuck with a single prob and i find out that the network doesnt seem to work right.

For my multimedia course project, this is a lot of work to do. Deadline : tomorrow morn 10 am. Im sure im going to complete it by then. Somehow working with networks and threads is giving me the thrills of a lifetime. I hope the hardwork im putting in will be appreciated. Anyways, whatever it is, im going to give a sizeable demo by tomorrow morn.

Not having worked with networks or threads for a long long time, i think im going to run into troubles, lot of them soon,very soon. Only if, if my code works for the demo right! Working on it almost continously for the last 12 hours is a pain. And i havent had my foooood. Im hungry!!! Growl! Thats my poor stomach....

Wish me Luck.
|| KoPoS, 8:49:00 PM


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