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Saturday, June 19, 2004

'Lakshya' - wow

Yesterday was the day when i was cruising down the abyss at photospeed and here i am now; different, stabilized and on a high. well partly because I had had a great talk with my best pal, Tarun. Of late, Ive been growing extremely dependant on my friends and not to speak of, on my computer. They are now an extension of my emerging personality. Now since i was on a high I decided I will be taking to a new high. So 'Lakshya' happened.

Inspite of being a Saturday, I got up late (0900 hrs), watched 'Speed' and then woke up Tarun @ 1030 hrs and left for 'Lakshya' @ 1045 hrs for the morning show. And it has been a real good movie i should say. Farhan Akhtar has come full circle with this second film of his. Of course his movies are for the urban youth and it always deals with confusions and heartbreaks. But 'Lakshya' is everything 'LoC' is NOT. Seeing LoC simply distressed me, but now Lakshya is a different movie altogether. The point is Lakshya has its share of deaths, moments of flaws and even some moments of heroism, but, but it never flows over the brim.

No pseudo-heroism, no mindless jingoism, just the life of a soldier, true to life. True to his heart. And with this movie of his, Farhan has notched a few cells of space in each and everyone of our hearts. And yes, Hrithik is way to too good for the role. And of course the Zinta girl, a good takeoff of the in-media celebrity Barkha Dutta's real-life persona, this is just one more feather. All in all, a great movie. DCH and now Lakshya, what next Farhan?
|| KoPoS, 3:06:00 PM