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Saturday, June 19, 2004

I'm a workaholic

I'm a workaholic, a self-confessed one. So this brings us to many trysts with truth. Is what I confessed a truth? Or what I think about myself is true? Or what i think i really am, I really am? idea. So the point is, im a self confessed workaholic. Now the point is, the next one week is the probably the end of my last few fun dayz in IIIT, my alma mater. Well, the point is, these last few dayz arent really huge fun, basically because I've got a lot of work to do. What you may ask? Well, yes. My FYP[final year project] for one. And then the multimedia project. And then the AGC[Advanced Grafix Course] project. The point is: each one of them are in the last stages. Actually the finishing touches. And that is what makes working on them a pain in the a** [pardon or condemn the profanity, ur call].

And so now ive finally decided since the nuke-tipped mail is already here, why not better make a clean exit out of here before things get hot, horrifying and confusing...Before my pal drops by in the night, i think i'll try make a good software module for the AGC project. Its my Magnum Opus and that is what makes me so close to my heart. And i cant make a bad job of it. But doing a good job needs time and that is what i dont have...Time. Patience too.

Who the hell cares? Maybe i can finally win a challenge over myself...Who knows...Lets see. Whatever it is, i will keep the blog active until im gone from this heavenly place called Room no.60, OBH, IIIT. Life will NEVER be the same again.

And probably im finally homing into on my lakshya. IAS thats for one that will be going a lot around in my mind for the next few dayz. If i can get some hands-on info on that, then surely ill enter those portals. Thats for sure. Aaaaah...the sweet scent of success.

And of course, a long time since I've been worked on something as hardcore as this. Programming gives me the high. And prolly my ICC will be my biggest intellectual high.

Programming is my intellectual orgasm
|| KoPoS, 3:23:00 PM


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