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Thursday, June 24, 2004


Mediocrity. An escape mechanism for mortals of ordinary stature to justify their demeaningly low levels of creativity and courage. Mediocrity was is and never will be the mark of a winner. Dreams are what drive a true winner. And the visions make them a worthy leader. But its funny how so many people accept and live with this mediocrity all along. 'If its worth doing it, its worth doing it best' is the way a work is done or a life is lived.Illustrious lives are marked not by wealth money or position but the passion and their denial of mediocrity. And who else to symbolise it but the laid-back chalta hai attitude of hyderabadis? kya bole?

Fate.An escape mechanism to actually justify their present state by individuals of demeaningly low level of courage. Fate is something i dont believe in. If fate is a mathematical function where some things are out of control, then i believe it. If walking on the road, a stone for somewhere hits me, its fate. But if im walking on the road, lost in my dreams and then a bus hits me, its isnt fate, its carelessness. If i buy a lottery ticket and someone else wins the money its fate. But if i write an exam, and i miss the top honours by a whisker its not fate, its incompetence. If i wanted to be a pilot but i wasnt tall enought for it, its fate. If i wanted to be a pilot, but im a manager now, its not fate, but choice.

Its so easy when things we couldnt do because of laziness and a lack of courage, we simply thrust that on fate. And its easy when we love someone but dont have the courage enough to express the same and now they are in love with someone else, we curse our fate. And after all the pains, if the parents say no and you accept it saying its the cruel game of fate, but didnt try as if your life depended on it, its not fate again but a serious problem with you.
|| KoPoS, 11:49:00 PM


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