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Monday, June 21, 2004

Be Positive

Deep in the mind a question now lurks,
for an answer so wise that makes all numb.
For the nature of me it sets out to find,
behest of the word the mind started to work

Ceasing to rest and losing my sleep,
I started for my answers to find the true me.
For being so full of life and love,
Positive and fearless of pains all around.

Learning the truth the heart skipped a beat,
Of the blood so red that run filled up the veins,
For the optimism that grew was already in me,
of the group of blood that thee shouted 'B p'.

I always wondered why i was optimistic and so positive about things. The reason i learnt is pretty obvious. What else can a person be if the blood in him is B+ve? What else option do i have other than to 'be positive'?
|| KoPoS, 11:20:00 AM


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