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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

"Yuva" A Maverick's Dream

Well, after a long wait I saw the Telugu version of "Azitha Eyuthey"(???) "Yuva". Yuva is in Telugu means "youth". The young guns of today who are the future and fate of any country. I found it to be an extreme eyeopener. Never have I loved being in the theater and just not wanting to get up from the seat even after the film was over!

Madhavan as "Samba", the hooligan from the lowest strata of the Society. For him, he comes first as he believes only in one thing 'the society gave him nothing and so he is not indebted to it in any way'. And Surya as Michael Vasant, the student from the economic middle class with ideals as his life. He is violent but only in the case of his ideals and ethics. He will stand up to a cause no matter what, if he feels he needs to stand up to it. And then there is Siddharth as "Arjun", an upper class yuppie who is there to live life as it is to be lived...with money. And then there are thier love interests too.

Lot was said about the abrupt ending, but I felt no need to. A class movie that caters to your brain and questions your heart. Go with a braod mind and get ready to learn something valuable.

I find no reason why the newspapers are making "Yuva" look like a complete no-brainer. On the contrary im losing all my faith in the media which project skin-flicks and slash-flicks as the coming of age of the Indian Film Industry. Mani Ratnam's attempt is laudable for the reason that finally it shows a way and questions our own commitment to our nation. Finally...

Finally, a movie that stops cribbing and answers the questions! Hail MR.
|| KoPoS, 11:45:00 AM


It is azhudha ezhuthu :)
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