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Monday, May 31, 2004

We don't need no thought control

The craziness for the excellence 'only in education' is reaching epidemic proportions here. I already feel sad for the new age kids who dont know what its like to play in the rain, or having a friendly wrestle or sweating it out in the sun. It is all for those kids who shoulder the ambitions of someone else. Let them be free. Please. You are bringing up a generation of sad and moronic vegetables.

I hope the poem speaks for itself.

The Child

The burden of books
and the furtive looks
The daily tests
and the unending quests
Parental anticipation
and the peer competition
With dreams of life they dont aspire
Wealth and discipline isnt they they require
The morning sun they dont know about
the warm breeze is a freezing clout
The race for wealth is growing mad
the rules of the game are bad and mad
With fear in the hearts
And tears in the eyes
They trudge along painfully
the burden of satchels bring them down heavily
Slowly and painfully the soul in them cries
For joy and love thats rightfully theirs
Nothing in this world now can save,
For, the child within has met his grave.
|| KoPoS, 12:55:00 PM