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Monday, May 31, 2004

The Travails of the modern life

This is my cynical review of the present pace of life. Fast zooming careers in equally sleek zooming cars. We are always short of time trying to catch up with ... others

A rather small one, but I'll update it as soon as I think I can add something meaningful to it

Modern Life

The anorexic bodies, the artificial smiles,
Parents and kids apart by miles.
Lives that begin with the owl's hoot,
Hearts that are dark as the chimney soot.

The warm compliments that people dont mean,
The words of promise on none can lean.
Foods and luxuries that all money can buy
But not a moment together to spend by.

Culture and tradition are long forgetten,
Parties and pubs are all we think of, often.
To death onto we shall take this burden,
for now we stand, on the corpses of our brethren.
|| KoPoS, 1:13:00 PM