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Sunday, May 30, 2004

The Second One I Wrote

This one was for my first girlfriend. And do i need to say more?


A woman, i heard from people past,
Had many a form that would keep us aghast,
Essence of life is she,
Lucky aren't we ?
Seen her in many a form have i,
A mother and some sis' are all i have.
Teachers always i had by my side,
Not a real friend to share the feelings i hide.
A true friend is what i crave for,
A friend for life is what i ask for.
Promise me that you will never leave me,
Be on my side is what i decree.
A miracle is it that we met again,
Let me not again feel the pain.
Missed you for so long,
Let our lives together prolong...
|| KoPoS, 11:59:00 PM


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