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Monday, May 31, 2004

The Night Changes Me

This just came to my mind as I was done watching 'The Last Samurai'. Ive seen and talked to my friends. Most of the times I found that the things they have done which though were wrong, were done because they knew they would NOT be caught.

So I decided I will maybe explore this psyche where we do things[aka sins] when we know we wont get caught. And most of the times we dont do them because we might get caught.

My poem was mainly aimed at pornography, but at another level I set out to find out that would we resist doing something wrong if we knew we will never get caught. In the absence of some overlord authority would we still be righteous ourselves? A huge question...

The Night Changes Me...

When ignorance is just but a fading mask,
and the strength of the heart is a dying song.
When values of life is an outmoded trend,
and the respect of women is a penny's lend.

The demon of the eden lurks in the dark,
succeeding in enticing the gullible heart.
Where the heart is just a shameless slave,
in the shadows of the night it revels in sin.

When the veil of darkness spreads its wings
there the vile of lust is a voyeur's inn.
The chivalry of heart is a samurai's corpse
useless lifeless disemboweled...

The god in me bades a transient break
the control of the mind the satan takes.
Indulging in sin I revel in the mire
doomed am I to burn in the hell's fire.

Day after day I fear the night
The evils of sin make me shiver in fright
Because in those moments of my life
The night changes me...
|| KoPoS, 12:05:00 AM


Sexy ra. Now i know what u do at night.
Blogger Superman, at 4:37 AM  

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