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Thursday, May 20, 2004

New World

With congress holding the reins to the government both at the center and the state, I just hope they try to keep up their good work. With the kinda promises blurted out in theie manifesto, I just hope they take time to analyze and do all that is necessary to keep the faith. Both the earlier governments have been pro-reformist, but both were shown the boot. Why?

Well, both being the pro-rich, pro-urban middle class governments was the main factor. Many factors also played foul with their future, notably the erractic non-existent monsoons, for one. But even then it still surprises me that Mr.CBN didnt have one major project in all his 9 years of rule! And almost forgot about the remaining 70% of the population that still struggles for a square meal a day! Guess, its natural he was shown the exit...

And IF congress does the same, it will be shown the boot too. Only if India has visionaries instead of leaders as politicians. hmpfff......
|| KoPoS, 4:32:00 PM


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