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This is my journey from the deeply mysterious to the outrageously silly and mundace happenings of my life. the lows and highs, the ups and downs. And maybe a Simple Harmonic Motion to an exponential curve. Mathematical, Scientific, Theistic, Philosophical, Logical,Social, every conceivable idea.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Im in

Blog. A new phenomenon in the cyberzone. Its tough to miss out on such a phenomenon especially in this digital realm. Makes the whole world a small place to live in. Thinking of this it just makes me wonder. 'What is this fuss all about?' 'What makes us follow the thoughts and lives of others?' May be it satisfies the exhibitionists in us. And may be even pacifies the voyeurs too. May be something else. Im in no idea to make a moral judgement on this. Im still not yet a part of this experience.

Im just here to have fun, make friends,live a life worth living :)

|| KoPoS, 10:20:00 PM


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