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Thursday, May 20, 2004

The ByteBard in Bits

Have been really into barding of late. The count is at 25 soon and its still going strong. My favorite genre stretches into the dark, gloomy to the thorough romantic, optimist. I like touching all shades of life, thats what makes it colorful. And its just a freaky collection there. Sometimes they have no meaning too...A sample follows.

My Friend

Alone and frightened, I shall come searching for you,
My friend,
Blind and hungry, I'll come knocking at your doors,
My friend.

When the merciless world has shirked itself away from me,
Sons that left me alone in the raging fire,
Of forgotten vows that traitored me alone at the end,
And of friends selfish that wont spare a smile,
And a lonely self that just lies helpless...

When all that remains is an urn of ash,
When the body has lost all its sense of mortal existence,
In the end when all that remains of life is a misled hope.
Stripped of the riches and the earthly ties,
When all the thoughts and acts are only a hazy memory.

In those times, dark and unnerving,
I shall come in search of a true friend,
Who promised to walk with me all along,
Into a new life that started lifeless.

With a cosmic blaze so dazzling with life,
Shall engulf me into an immortal embrace.
Like a mother that tends carefully to its hurted child,
As a true lover that stays by me all along.

In the last odyssey of my life,
When all the friends and foes are the same,
And promise to be my only succour,
In this shameless world that left me lifeless.

As a man of honor stay true to it, my friend,
Keep up the bargain and let me stay, my friend,
Promise this word to me, my friend,
And I promise, I'll welcome you when,

When you come knocking, searching for me,
Death, my friend...
|| KoPoS, 4:49:00 PM


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